baby geranium in spectacle

i’ve been doing a lot of baby gift sewing lately.  i have two pregnant sisters (one due with her fourth baby in August, one due with her first in October) and it’s been fun making some special little things for both of them.

unfortunately, due to my chronic procrastinator status, i’m usually sewing right up to the time i should be leaving for their baby showers, and haven’t had time for blog photos.  i did get some for this little dress though!

spectacle geranium dress

i’ve been getting so much wear out of my double gauze nani IRO alder dress this summer, so i decided to use the scraps to make a baby dress for my sister Laura, who is baking a little girl (it’s her first baby).   Continue reading

mr. littlejeans

seriously, what is this baby’s deal?  i can’t keep him in pants that fit!  he went from my smallest baby at birth to my biggest by the time he was 6 months old, and it seems he does nothing but grow out of all his clothes.  pants are the main problem.  WELL I’LL SHOW HIM.

lullaby layette jeans

i really like how his lumberjack layette pants fit and they seem so cozy.  i thought the style would look cool with jeans-esque topstitching, and they’re fun to sew, so i just went ahead and made another pair.

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kcw fall 2014: lumberjack layette pants

after my last post, i got requests for more baby C on the blog.  aaaaand it just so happens the kid is in need of pants, plus this week is kids clothes week, so here ya go!  baby toes in baby pants!

lumberjack layette pants

remember back when i pattern tested the lullaby layette pattern for Oliver + S?  this fella wasn’t born yet, so my nephew modeled them for me.  i chose to test the jacket and the bodysuit, but did not test the little pants in the set.  i received the finished pattern when it was released as part of my payment, but had actually sort of forgotten about it until Tara sewed some and inspired me, as she always does! Continue reading

big fox little fox fanfare sleep sack

my friend Rae’s adorable line of flannel for Cloud9 Fabrics, called Fanfare, is BACK!  fun new colors, same cute animals, and i’m excited to be part of the blog extravaganza today!  my kids are still squeezing into the fanfare pajamas i made them last fall even though both are about 2” too short now, so these prints are definitely kid-pleasers!

fanfare foxes sleep sack

i decided to sew a Lua Sleep Sack by Straightgrain Patterns for my littlest guy, in Foxes in Gold.  i haven’t sewn much for him yet, but i thought this would be the perfect project to keep him cozy as we head into fall in the next month or so.  it’s been a pretty toasty summer around here, Portland-wise, but we had a few days of cooler weather last week and it put me in the mood for autumn.

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