mr. littlejeans

seriously, what is this baby’s deal?  i can’t keep him in pants that fit!  he went from my smallest baby at birth to my biggest by the time he was 6 months old, and it seems he does nothing but grow out of all his clothes.  pants are the main problem.  WELL I’LL SHOW HIM.

lullaby layette jeans

i really like how his lumberjack layette pants fit and they seem so cozy.  i thought the style would look cool with jeans-esque topstitching, and they’re fun to sew, so i just went ahead and made another pair.

lullaby layette jeans

they’re the Oliver + S lullaby layette pants in 6-12 month size for almost 10 month old C.  there’s growing room to last him a while, which is what i wanted.  as i mentioned last time, they’re a pretty roomy fit, so i think cloth-diapers would work in them fine (though C is in disposables).

lullaby layette jeans

C isn’t a skinny baby by any means, but i find have to cinch the waistband more than the pattern says to.  i think i cut the elastic in these at least an inch shorter than recommended.  he crawls right out of his pants if the waist is too loose!

lullaby layette jeans

the denim is this dark indigo stretch from Michael Levine that i first used for STYLO, and i think it might be a little heavy for the pattern; the lighter weight linen i used last time seems to drape better for this style.  still totally fine though, and i love how it looks with the topstitching (i use gutermann extra strong thread).  the denim dye does bleed quite a lot even after a couple washes, so be careful of that (i’ve heard this is an issue with pretty much all dark denims).  it softens up nicely after washing and seems very comfy, always a good thing with baby pants.

i like to use white serger thread on jeans and throw a little twill tape under a pocket.  because of the laundry bleeding, both on these now look light blue, ha.

lullaby layette jeans

pulling up to standing is C’s jam these days.  he worm-crawls EVERYWHERE, especially to eat the thing you don’t want him to get (stray leaf, piece of paper, cheerios he dropped at breakfast…).  he waves and says “bye bye” and giggles maniacally whenever i walk in the door, which is pretty fun.   he thinks E and O are hilarious and dives toward his daddy for snuggles. having a baby around is so fun (and so much work too)!

lullaby layette jeans

especially in his little jeans!

lullaby layette jeans

have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “mr. littlejeans

  1. Brooke says:

    Oh Gosh, he is so cute. Little boys in jeans and plaid shirts are my weakness! Love that topstitching- those jeans are super profesh looking. Hopefully he stay in these for a while!

  2. girllikethesea says:

    I love the jeans look with this pattern! That denim is really nice. I think it’s what I used for hawthornes Boy jeans. I’m looking forward to seeing all the trouble C gives you when he starts walking and climbing on everything. Muaha

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Oh these are cute! I might have to make my little guy one more pair in denim. And I agree, the sizing is quite generous on these. Hopefully his growth will plateau a bit so that he can enjoy them for quite a long time.

  4. Lightning McStitch says:

    Oh how cute. Great little jeans. Now I’m smiling at the image of him crawling away from, and out of, his pants. 🙂 Kind of like a hermit crab looking for a new, bigger or better shell! He should be happy to make these jeans his bottom’s home for a bit, they’re gorgeous!

  5. gail says:

    oh this age is the cutest! and baby jeans are also the cutest! i love the top stitching thread and his lumberjack shirt, too. sad he couldn’t join us at the depot last week, i need to see this boy again!!

  6. rachel says:

    I love his hair! So cute and fluffy, like a little duckling. I have to hand it to you, your finishing looks pro! Really impressive. We aren’t to the crawling stage yet, but all my (bio) babies have crawled at 5 months. So, so hard. I wish they’d slow down because of that eating-everything-on-the-floors thing. with all these kids, it’s a losing battle. 😉 You rocked it!

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