kcw fall 2014: lumberjack layette pants

after my last post, i got requests for more baby C on the blog.  aaaaand it just so happens the kid is in need of pants, plus this week is kids clothes week, so here ya go!  baby toes in baby pants!

lumberjack layette pants

remember back when i pattern tested the lullaby layette pattern for Oliver + S?  this fella wasn’t born yet, so my nephew modeled them for me.  i chose to test the jacket and the bodysuit, but did not test the little pants in the set.  i received the finished pattern when it was released as part of my payment, but had actually sort of forgotten about it until Tara sewed some and inspired me, as she always does!

you can see peeks of her rad (borderline baby punk rock?) version on her adorable little fella at the end of this post.

lumberjack layette pants

the design of the pants is really cool and i loved the red and black cozy plaid Tara used on the backside, so i went ahead and pretty much copied her.

lumberjack layette pants

i layered the plaids precisely before i cut to get some nice matching at the back seam.  the plaid brushed cotton (feels like a really soft, thick flannel) is from JoAnn, and the essex yarn dyed steel front is from my sponsor drygoods design.  the yarn dyed black pocket is from my scrap bin.

C is at that age where knit pants look a bit too “infant” on him but i don’t like to put him in jeans much since they cut into his tummy.  plus he’s almost crawling and i think it’s fun to have some detail on baby butt pants as they scoot away.

lumberjack layette pants

these pants were really fun to sew – i highly recommend them.  the construction was different and interesting – there’s no front crotch seam and the back pieces wrap around to the front.  perfect design for a little colorblocking/print mixing.  and quick, too!

lumberjack layette pants

i made the 6-12 month size and they’re roomy on him but not overly so; 8 month old C is on the upper end of the height chart but average weight.  i’m sure by the time he’s closer to 12 months he’ll be ready for the next size…lengthwise anyway.  they have a bit of a loose harem/drop crotch fit and i don’t see them getting too tight on him anytime soon.  shortness will be a factor far sooner.

lumberjack layette pants

C’s amazing blanket was a baby gift from Emily.  it’s double gauze and hand tied with some fluffy batting and fantastic japanese fabric and his name embroidered on the other side.  it was so generous and thoughtful of her to make it for him – she sent it when he was tiny and it has gotten SO much use in this guy’s lifetime; plus it’s big enough that i napped under it in those early months when he was constantly cranky with reflux and i was super exhausted.

lumberjack layette pants

you’d never know he had a rough start – the little guy is so pleasant and easygoing now!

lumberjack layette pants

okay i’ve got one Halloween costume almost done, let’s see how quickly i can wrap it up and show it to you…the fabric E and i picked out has been DRIVING ME CRAZY.  argh.  you’ll see what i mean.

kid's clothes week




14 thoughts on “kcw fall 2014: lumberjack layette pants

  1. Jo says:

    Love them! I wish I had babies to sew for so I could have an excuse to try the pattern out! Your fabric choices are perfect and little C is gorgeous – look at him aiming to crawl off. Yum yum!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Cute pants! That brushed cotton looks so cozy, and I love the little pockets on this pattern! I found the fit on these to be quite generous, as well. The 6-12 month pair I made was not much smaller than the 18-24 month. And that quilt is absolutely lovely!

  3. girllikethesea says:

    Love those pants! I actually cut out the front piece in almost the exact fabric and then realized I had a big enough scrap of double gauze to use. So I still have a front piece to be used up, and now can copy yours. Haha!

  4. rachel says:

    Weird – I commented from my phone and the comment just disappeared! I so wish it was easier to comment from my phone – like it is on Flickr. Blogger is even worse! Anyway, I loved seeing more of C. The pants are so cool. Made me wish I was sewing when Jude was a babe. Man, those babies sure are special. Oh and what an amazing blanket, too!

  5. lisa g says:

    these pants are adorable! love the color blocking. and yes to cute baby bums with pockets! can’t wait to see the halloween costumes, i’m eyeballs deep in my own halloween sewing… hope to finish up soon!

  6. Kelly says:

    He is just so stinkin’ cute!! And stylin’ in these adorable pants 🙂 I like how the back wraps around, it gives them a more unique look than just regular pants.

  7. Melissa Q. says:

    Oh, these are just adorable. I love the detail for the baby butt, it is true there is nothing cuter than watching them scoot. Dang girl, you can make a mama want another go-around!

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