citron elephant pajamas

i wanted to sew something quick/easy/functional as a “palate cleanser” before i jump into Halloween costumes and while i’m still waiting for the go-ahead to blog a few other more involved projects that i’ve been sewing (i have like 12 or 13 things i can’t blog yet – it’s getting ridiculous).  plus, i recently realized i haven’t shown baby C on here for a while (he’s 8 months old already!!!!!) so i had to fix that.

now please enjoy my pile o’ children in their homemade pajama pants.

fanfare elephant pajamas

they’re all wearing flannel elephant pants; citron, gray, and pink elephants from Rae’s cozy Fanfare Flannel line for Cloud9 Organics.  teehee!

fanfare elephant pajamas

funny story, bro.  E and O are both wearing the same size parsley pants – size 3.  hers have about 3” added to the length (1.5″ to the pants plus a 1.5″ cuff), and his are as written.  i trimmed off the flare at the bottom of both pairs for a bit more of a straight-legged fit, and that made it easier to lengthen hers and add the cuff.  i cut out and sewed both in about 2 hours during naptime.  love how quick they are!

fanfare elephant pajamas

his fit is more baggy, hers more slim – which works with how they like to wear their clothes anyway.  i was actually shocked that her pants fit her so well length-wise with just the right amount of growing room.  i sewed them while she was at school and the legs seemed ridiculously long to me, but nope!  perf.

fanfare elephant pajamas

baby C’s pants were originally blogged here – they’re Rae’s free newborn pant pattern and they’re too small for him now, but i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take photos of the three kids together in matching jammies.  i was happy to squeeze both pairs for the big kids out of 1.5 yards of fabric but there wasn’t enough left for the little guy, unfortunately.

fanfare elephant pajamas

fanfare elephant pajamas

i should probably just go ahead and pile the kids onto our bed for all future photoshoots.

fanfare elephant pajamas

POWER MOVE.fanfare elephant pajamas

the little guy is almost crawling but not quite – a great baby phase!

fanfare elephant pajamas

mostly he does a lot of “downward facing dog” then lunges forward or rolls to get places when he wants to.

fanfare elephant pajamas

i sure do love these three, and i love that they love each other.  for some reason handmade pajama pants get me all sentimental!


P.S. thanks to cloud9 for sending the citron elephants over!  my kids loved their fanfare flannel pajama pants from last year but flannel shorts are a bit oxymoronic…and that’s the length those are now. 


23 thoughts on “citron elephant pajamas

  1. gail says:

    i love the citron, and i was just fondling some of this flannel at the depot last night, it’s sooooo cozy! ps i vote for lots more of Mr. C on the blog! and they sure are a pile o’ cuteness!

    • kristin says:

      it sure is cozy stuff! i really do need to sew for him more often – started cutting some lullaby layette pants out yesterday but my boy fabric selection gets gobbled up too quickly and i don’t have much in the stash to make them fun! ugh.

  2. jennifer says:

    the pants are all so cute! Makes me want to make flannel jammies but I have to remember it can be 80 degrees in December here (can be and probably will with how this weather has been). Emily and Ava are the same in the waist. Emily just needs longer. it’s crazy how they grow. More Mr. C please. I love babies.

  3. rachel says:

    Aw, these photos are the best! I can’t believe C is 8 months already! His little baby toes are the sweetest! This post makes me want to make these exact same pajama pants. The trouble is I don’t like sewing pajama pants. Hmmmm, what’s a girl to do? 😉

  4. lisa g says:

    such cute kiddos! my “baby” is 5 1/2 so i’m just eating up all the baby pics i can… i miss those daily/weekly/monthly milestones! oh yeah… and sewing… love the pj’s, the elephant fabric is perfect!

  5. Laura says:

    Palate cleanser! That’s what it’s called! I always do that. Thanks for the gratuitous baby toes. I could just eat them up!

  6. Lightning McStitch says:

    OK, a pile of kids is just too cute for words! the pyjama pants all look great.
    That’s my favourite baby age right there. He can sit, look at stuff, be amused, but plonk him down and he stays (mostly) where you left him. Best ever!

  7. girllikethesea says:

    I feel sentimental about these pictures, and they’re not even my kids! Seriously, they owned this shoot. The poses are off the chart, and I love the citron against your epic bedroom wall. My favorite one though is the shot of the boys arms. Chubby baby arms. Gah.

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