french terry (+ a touch of neon) hudson pants

went and made myself some more comfy pants.

french terry hudson pants

i bought this fabric right after i made my first pair of True Bias Hudson Pants (and even mentioned it in my blog post).  it took me way too long to get around to sewing them – August, finally – and then of course didn’t get photos until now.  it’s been bugging me, because i’ve really wanted to share them!  i just LOVE these pants.

french terry hudson pants

the fabric is french terry from Mill End.  it’s lightweight and oatmeal-ish in color – insanely soft and comfortable but without much stretch so it doesn’t hold its shape very well with wear.  gets a bit saggy around the knees and backside, ya know.  oh well, i don’t care, because these pants are a perfect match for all sorts of casual activities like drinking coffee and morning bike rides and weekend trips to the playground and late night sewing and eventually…sleeping.

french terry hudson pants

the charcoal waistband and pocket detail are rayon knit scraps leftover from this hoodie and the fabric is still available at Britex.  the neon pink cording was from Mill End, and it is BRIGHT!!!

french terry hudson pants

i’ve shrunk a bit over the past few months on account of all the nursing and a weekly game of futsal, so i sized down to a 6 versus the 8 on my cropped pair.  i also made the full length version this time to switch it up.  i was totally lazy and just trimmed my tester pattern pieces, and something must’ve gone awry around the calf area; the lower legs ended up a bit skinnier than they should be.  still wearable though, as they have been worn VERY MUCH TIMES.

french terry hudson pants

anyway, if the fall weather has you craving some cozy lounge pants of your own, you should probably go ahead and make some hudson pants.  just a warning though…you’ll never want to take them off.


32 thoughts on “french terry (+ a touch of neon) hudson pants

  1. Brooke says:

    I’m actually headed out to the fabric store this morning to see if I can find the right fabric for my own pair of hudsons! Hoping to find something nice. Thinking some cozy sweatshirt knit or French terry. And I’m glad you mentioned the sizes bc I was debating between the 6 & 8 and was leaning toward the 6 since they are stretchy and I hate it when stretchy pants get too big. Also running is shrinking my waist (yay!) so I would rather them be a bit small to begin with anyway.

  2. kristi says:

    Love! I didn’t know I needed a pair of pants dedicated to coffee drinking until just now. How have I been drinking coffee without them all this time? I am drinking coffee as I type, and I am just uncomfortable! Must fix this problem immediately. 🙂

  3. lisa g says:

    oh these look awesome! i’m just dying to have a pair! i have a lt grey/brown french terry (from girl charlee) i’ll probably make these with. i think the color of my fabric is pretty ugly, but it’s not all that different from yours, and your pants look great! hmmm… maybe mine won’t be a total loss!

  4. lucinda says:

    Congrats on your “shrinking down”:) I’ve had this pattern on my Pinterest wish list for awhile . . . seeing your latest version reminds me again of how much I want to buy it! Those are the perfect lounge pants (and who am I kidding: picking the kids up from school/grocery shopping/ Costco runs, etc pants). That French terry looks so cozy – I can see why they’ve become a favorite!

  5. Inder says:

    So cute!! And you’re looking great as always. I so want a pair of these! WANT! But I’ve told myself I have to sew up a couple of the patterns I already own first. Cough cough.

  6. girllikethesea says:

    I somehow missed this post until now. Weird. Anyway they’re super cute, and I love the colors and your stupid portland coffee and your twinkle toes

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