banded blue building block dress

finally yay, Liesl’s new book is out!  i’m super happy to be on the blog tour for this one.

banded blue building block dress

it’s called the Building Block Dress, and i remember Liesl mentioning the fledgling idea for the book back when she visited Portland for quilt market in 2013!  i know she has worked very hard at getting this thing to print and it’s a really impressive final product – it’s been a long time coming and i’m excited it’s here.  it makes up for the (sad!) absence of new Oliver + S patterns lately. Continue reading

ice cream shop maxi dress

today i’m supes excited to be joining the Boardwalk Delight blog party celebrating the summeriest fabric line designed by the summeriest gal, reigning queen of the sewing blogs, Dana Willard of Made Everyday!

ice cream shop maxi dress // skirt as top

Dana’s tutorials were pretty much my first introduction to the kid sewing blog scene about 7 years ago, and i’ll always hold a special place in my heart for her and what she’s done for the community.  her tutorials (and recipes) are fantastic, her patterns are awesome, and now…she’s a designer of adorable fabric too!   go Dana! Continue reading

miss polly blog tour

i’m emerging from my blogging hibernation, rubbing my eyes and blinking in the springtime sun, to share E’s easter dress as part of the blog tour for the new Sew Pony Vintage.  behold her newest pattern, the Miss Polly Dress!

easter miss polly dress

the Miss Polly Dress is a sweet a-line dress pattern with dramatic pockets but an otherwise simple shape.  you have but plenty of chances to customize the look of the dress using various fabric/piping/sleeve combinations, which makes it fun and adaptable to all seasons. Continue reading

little apple apron

this little guy turned TWO last week!  i would say “already,” but his unpredictable sleep habits were a major contributor to the fact that i blog a lot less than i used to, so part of me feels like i’ve been waiting him out, knowing eventually he’d learn that waking up crying right as mom and dad drift off to sleep is NOT COOL.  anyway, he’s two now!  he’s putting extremely adorable sentences together, he sings along to songs with the big kids, and he loves to pretend cook, especially soup!

apple apron

for his birthday, i wanted to make him a fat quarter apron, which i’ve made for both big kids (never blogged).  they’ve been hanging in his play kitchen area and he has been putting them on lately, so it was time. Continue reading