little apple apron

this little guy turned TWO last week!  i would say “already,” but his unpredictable sleep habits were a major contributor to the fact that i blog a lot less than i used to, so part of me feels like i’ve been waiting him out, knowing eventually he’d learn that waking up crying right as mom and dad drift off to sleep is NOT COOL.  anyway, he’s two now!  he’s putting extremely adorable sentences together, he sings along to songs with the big kids, and he loves to pretend cook, especially soup!

apple apron

for his birthday, i wanted to make him a fat quarter apron, which i’ve made for both big kids (never blogged).  they’ve been hanging in his play kitchen area and he has been putting them on lately, so it was time.

apple apron

i popped over to Modern Domestic the weekend before his birthday and put a fun combo together – Melody Miller’s Picnic Collection Apples in navy on one side (with a couple patch pockets in JoAnn canvas duck)…

apple apron

…and Lisa Congdon’s credo fabric from her Kindred Collection for Cloud 9 on the back!

apple apron

the pockets are perfect for storing his utensils, and the apple print is right up his alley.  he loves fruit, just like his siblings.

apple apron

when I make these I just fold the FQs in half and cut oblong semicircles out for the armpits, then add pockets to the front and sandwich some elastic for the neckband and a velcro belt for the waist, and sew it right sides together, turn, topstitch.  so fast and easy but the little guys sure love them!  i made E’s when she was around this age and she still wears it.

apple apron

i completed the gift with some awesome wooden play food and a metal bowl from Spielwerk Toys, my favorite toy store in Portland.  it’s all handmade/creative play type toys and it’s super fun.  O was with me and i couldn’t resist letting him pick out a compass/whistle/secret compartment “survival tool” for himself.  they had the neatest handmade play bow and arrow sets with gorgeous leather quivers, art supplies, play silks, you name it.  if you’re local, definitely check it out!

apple apron

anyway, this guy had a fantastic second birthday and i am looking forward to two with him – this age gets a bad rap but i love it!

oh and by the way – i finally started a blog instagram account!  if you’d like post updates and more in-progress shots, come follow me at @skirtastopblog !  i don’t plan to give up this blog, but have always wanted a good way to share what i’m up to without overloading my non-sewing friends and family, so i’m glad instagram finally made it easy to switch between two accounts.  see you over there?


7 thoughts on “little apple apron

  1. oliver's fancy says:

    Oh that’s so cute! Cannot believe he is two already! Oliver has one of those Home Depot kids aprons but has been asking for a kitchen one to wear when he helps cook so I should try this out for his birthday! You make it sound so easy but I gotta see if I can wrap my brain around that construction. Lol.

  2. Inder says:

    He is adorable!!!! Oh yes, I remember that long bad-sleep year (between what, 8 and 24 months for us generally?) with both my kids. It is a thing to be survived. Here’s to a little more rest but still plenty of cute in the coming year!

  3. says:

    Hazel does that, too! Often right as I fall asleep she wakes up. I struggle with insomnia, too (or i’m just a night owl, not sure). So it’s tough! She also has been waking early which is a killer!

    Man, he is one cute kids. His hair reminds me of little chick feathers. And these photos are seriously heart meltingly precious!!! The apron is awesome, too!

  4. Lightning McStitch says:

    What a hip little dude he is! Two year olds are great (mostly). I agree that it’s a fun age and the “terrible twos” hit much later. Or maybe my kids were delayed in developing their terribleness! 🙂
    Very cute apron.

  5. lisa g says:

    So cute! Awww… now you just made me realize my kids are all too old to play cook and make me “meals” sob! (Although, now a couple are old enough to make me actual food… not all is lost ;-)) Enjoy the two’s—it’s an adorable age that passes too quickly!

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