rainbow lulu dress

this is E’s “back to school” dress and i took these pictures last fall.  i feel like i need to give you that disclaimer lest you think we’re all tan and wearing flip flops around here in january.  no.  the photos are seasonally out of date, but since this is E’s favorite dress of the moment, i couldn’t skip blogging it!

rainbow lulu dress

JoAnn Fabric has really upped their apparel fabric game lately.  i’ve been finding a lot of great knits, in particular, and we all know how hard good knits are to come by.  

rainbow lulu dress

this one is a poly blend of some sort, and it’s a double layered fabric (like a double gauze but for knits).  it has rainbow stripes on one side, and rainbow polka dots on the other!  i used the dots for the pockets and the armhole/sleeve bindings, and the stripe for the main.  when i saw it, i knew E would be a huge fan, which of course she is.

rainbow lulu dress

the pattern is craftiness is not optional’s lulu dress.  pretty sure i made a 4T with added length again, it’s been a while so i can’t exactly remember.  great pattern, so quick to make and easy to wear, and you can make it with a knit top/woven bottom, or all knit!  i hadn’t tried the all knit version until now, but it is definitely nice to never have to worry about wrinkles!

rainbow lulu dress

i under stitched the pocket linings and zigzagged the neckline binding, armhole binding, and the hem.  the tie is a piece of fuscia bias tape.

rainbow lulu dress

E has worn this dress so, so much in the past few months.  she now wears it with leggings and a sweater – any time it’s clean she chooses it.  it’s gotten a bit pilly after many washes, but not too bad.

rainbow lulu dress

there’s something about blogging a project after months of use – it’s harder to remember the sewing details, but nice to have the history of whether it was a successful project from a use and longer term wear standpoint.  this one was definitely a success!


21 thoughts on “rainbow lulu dress

    • kristin says:

      I just found your post! You totally did! I was just there again last week and saw another colorway too – didn’t get any but I might have to go back now. 😉

  1. Kristi says:

    I thought you were on a tropical vacation and I was very jealous! Great dress, knit dresses are worn a lot more than the woven ones at our house. This one deserves to be a favorite.

  2. rdkovac@satx.rr.com says:

    What a great dress, Kristin! I’m so glad you blogged it. And also that fabric is amazing. You’re right – JoAnns apparel lines have really improved recently. I’ve been disappointed in some of my indie knits. There’s a lot more variation there than indie wovens. Some of mine have shrunk dramatically or faded a lot. Fading seems to be a pretty constant problem for me with indie knits, especially in the brighter and darker colorways.

    • kristin says:

      Thanks Rachel! It’s especially hard to buy knits online I think. So much inconsistency. I feel like knits are always a bit of a gamble though, you know? Sometimes they feel great initially but pill up after one wash, some shrink too much, some fade…arg. Even expensive ones aren’t reliable! The selection is so much better than it used to be though!

  3. Erin says:

    It’s the perfect knit dress- the Lulu is definitely one of my favorite patterns! And you are so right- Joann has really up’d their game lately!

  4. Inder says:

    So cute!! I love this fabric! I would shop at Joann’s more if it wasn’t clear across town from me in the worst possible direction! I agree, I’ve seen more and more good apparel fabrics there, although I remain loyal to my (closer-by) local fabric stores. I agree, knits can be a bit of a gamble – often the most expensive ones fade the most (especially the organic knits, I find). But I’ve found a few online knits I always know I can rely on, like the Laguna jerseys.

  5. Cherie says:

    Ooh, I missed this! Love this dress so much. Yuki would also be a huge fan. Maybe I’ll see if they still have the fabric, though I guess it was awhile ago that you bought it. I totally know what you mean about blogging later and forgetting all the details! But I’m so glad you shared it anyways. Now you got me longing for warmer weather…

  6. girllikethesea says:

    I can’t believe this fabric came from Joann! Now if they would just carry cute non poly knits……I get enraged over nice sewing projects going pilly. Haha. This dress is really so adorable on her. The shape of the pattern works well on her and her strong little body. Hehe.

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