jane hat

i’m not sure why i thought i wasn’t a “hat person.”  i just don’t wear them very often, and hadn’t even considered knitting myself a hat until last year.  i met up with Kelly and saw her amaaaazing hat, and bought yarn to make my own that same day (with her encouragement!).

jane hat

i actually knitted this hat last winter, but after i’d sewn the brim under and tried it on, it was WAY too small!  i had also made a pretty big mistake right by the brim that i didn’t notice until i unsewed the brim to see if that’d help it fit.  

it had taken me hours and hours to knit, i was in love with the yarn, and i was really happy with how the hat design looked, so i was crushed that it was a fail.  i figured it would probably end up as E’s…once i finished it…which i wasn’t happy about because it was supposed to be mine!  it sat in my sewing room with a knit marker holding the dropped stitches, bugging me, for months.

jane hat

i happened to mention it to Tara, and let her know how bummed I was that it didn’t fit me at all and that my fancy madelinetosh hat was going to my 7 year old, and she asked, “have you tried blocking it?”

immmmm duh!  i hadn’t!  so i sewed up the dropped stitches, wove in the tails, and blocked it over a small soccer ball perched on a rice bowl that same night.  after it dried, as if by magic, it fit me just like it’s supposed to!

jane hat

the yarn is madelinetosh tosh dk in Mica from Happy Knits, the pattern is Jane by Jane Richmond.  definitely the most complicated pattern i’ve followed so far, but experienced knitters would probably call it “easy” and “quick.”  haha.  i’d never knitted with madelinetosh yarn before and yeah, i get why people love it.  it’s so nice to work with and the color is perfect (it matches my eyes)!

jane hat

i added a pom pom to the top because it seemed like it wanted one.

jane hat

so it turns out i am a hat person.  i love this thing!  i wear it whenever i get the chance, especially on the perfect day of snow we got right after new year’s!  it really does keep my head warmer, too.  imagine that.

hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

11 thoughts on “jane hat

  1. Melissa says:

    I’ve seen this in Jane Richmond’s book and love the hat and the book! I am so glad yours did work out and it looks so great on you. Ahhh, the magic of blocking. I must remember that (I am new to knitting).

  2. Jane says:

    You are for sure a hat person! I’m so glad you got it all worked out because that would have been a total bummer, of course E would have total rocked it too 😉 but that’s not the point, it looks perfect on you! Love the pompom too! 🙂

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