vintage may guest: fake it while you make it

my final Vintage May guest is Carolyn of Fake it While You Make It.  oh man, Carolyn is so great.  this shirt she made her husband is still one of my all time favorite blog posts ever.  i also appreciate bloggers that give us the occasional “honest slice of life,” and Carolyn does that really well, like in this post.

Carolyn cracks me up with her wit and has great taste – i totally want to copy these shorts and this hanami and i’ll probably just drive up to her house and steal this top for myself.  i once had dinner with Carolyn when i was in her neck of the woods for work, and loved hanging out!  always fun to meet blog friends in real life.  🙂

for Vintage May, she went a little ‘70s with a rad culottes jumpsuit!

BAM!  culottes shot!  go see more, this girl is so chic.

vintage may guest: fake it while you make it

over at craftiness is not optional – her guest has made a gorgeous and romantic dress…check it out!

VM Large

vintage may guest: sweetkm

my next guest is Kristi of sweetkm.  i love Kristi because she loves blue, like a lot, and through her “so what if i sew with blue a lot, it works for me!” attitude, i feel like i have permission to go ahead and use blue for everything i make myself, too!  haha.

when i think of Kristi’s blog, i think of a stylish, practical wardrobe.  the things she sews for herself push the envelope just enough to be interesting, never so far as to lose day-to-day wearability.  she’s one of my favorite adult sewers that way.  and look, she’s even gone vintage in the recent past!

Kristi also knits (and sells knitting patterns!) and she often sews for her kids.  Kristi did a wonderful hansel & gretel look for STYLO3 – i loved the quilted vest she made and her free pattern is still on my to make list!

for her Vintage May post, Kristi sewed a faithful representation of a photo of her grandmother, and i just love it!  even her preview is like looking back in time…head over to sweetKM to see more!

SweetKM Preview Vintage May

over at craftiness is not optional, Jess is hosting a guest that never fails to bring the awesome – check it out!

VM Large

vintage may guest: handmade by brienne

from the first time i visited my first guest’s blog, referred over there by a friend, i fell in love.  Brienne Moody blogs at Handmade by Brienne and i’m so inspired by her aesthetic.  she lives in snowy northern Minnesota, and her use of woolens, leather, and unexpected details give a woodsy, layered, beautiful-and-useful vibe.  she’s great at making inspiring kid clothes – fox bimaa!  galaxy bimaa!  but nothing is overly precious or impractical – she and her kids always seem comfortable and at ease in their handmades.

i loved her spread in STYLO 2, and she also runs an etsy shop selling a selection of beautifully crafted accessories and knitwear.

Brienne writes thoughtfully, as all my favorite bloggers do, and has a strong need to make (especially for her kids).  read why she sews (in her words) here.

for her Vintage May project, Brienne sewed an adorable little flower-child piece for her little gal.  it’s perfect.  check out her post right here!

vintage may guest: handmade by brienne

so summery and pretty!  thanks for joining us, Brienne!

now head over to craftiness is not optional to check out more super sweet sewing by Jess’ guest today!

VM Large

chambray archer for the bolt blog

i’m really enjoying building my wardrobe up with handmades that i can wear on a daily basis. somewhere in the last year or so, the clothes i’ve been sewing became the clothes i reach to wear first – not just because i made them and i’m forcing myself to, but because they’re actually my favorite pieces in the closet!

chambray archer

take this shirt, for example.  if you’ve seen me in person in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen this shirt.  i just LOVE this thing and i can’t stop wearing it.  i finished sewing on those buttons, put it on, and it immediately became part of my regular rotation.  the perfect chambray from Bolt and Grainline’s Archer are just a really good team, you guys.

chambray archer

please head on over to the Bolt blog for more pics and info about my new favorite shirt (i made a few fit changes this time), and hey check it out – Bolt sells Grainline paper patterns in the shop now!  go go go!  i may even see you there – after i saw this post of their new arrivals, i can’t wait to get all up in that nani IRO (it looks like they have the fabric i made my previous Archer with)!

chambray archer

oh sorry, gotta mention one more thing – the bag i pose with in the photos was made by my friend (and Archer maker supreme) Kelly out of Pendleton wool.  she used my tutorial and this thing is awesome and i feel way cooler than i am when i take it out on date nights.  thanks Kelly!


>   > >   check out my Bolt post here   < <   <


vintage may guest: groovybaby….and mama

vintage may 2014

my final guest for this year’s Vintage May is Trine of Groovybaby.…and Mama!  Trine is the mother of four beautiful children and lives in Denmark.  i first found Trine’s creations on Pinterest, and assumed based on her modelesque children and super stylish garments that those pins were from a high end, unaffordable boutique, not a mom sewing for her kids just like me!

like so many of my guests this year, Trine constantly inspires me with her taste and her creations – there was one time she posted a beautiful dress in the morning and i made my version that same day!  touches of neon?  galaxy fabric?  leather pockets?  she’s a master.  Trine also sews beautiful garments for herself, and is currently competing in Project Sewn – I’m pretty sure she made it through to the finals, so be sure to follow along to see what she sews for her finale look!  i can’t wait.

for Vintage May, Trine sewed a lovely dress for her daughter using vintage fabric from one era and a vintage pattern for another.  it’s gorgeous!  head on over to Groovybaby….and Mama for her post!  thanks so much, Trine!

groovybaby...and mama

and don’t forget to check out Jess’ guest too!

have a great weekend everyone – and please come back early next week for a roundup of the series and your sewalong creations – you still have time to add them to the flickr group if you haven’t yet!  we’ve also got a SUPER AWESOME GIVEAWAY coming too!  just, you know, as a thanks for following along.