vintage may guest: true bias

vintage may 2014

today’s guest is Kelli from True Bias.  i just love so many things Kelli makes.  like “i want to steal it from her closet” type stuff.  she has great taste and mega skills.  Kelli WON Sew, Mama, Sew’s Super Online Sewing Match, and takes pattern making classes in her spare time…the girl is legit!  i really want to use her cocoon cardigan tutorial, i love this shibori dyed shirtthis backpack, this amazing bag.  i could just look at her projects all day – she makes stuff with style.

today she made a super cute outfit for her daughter based on a vintage pattern – isn’t the back so great?  head over to True Bias for her post!  thanks, Kelli!

true bias

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vintage may: buzzmills


vintage may 2014

my guest today is Jane of Buzzmills.  when i was pulling together my invitation lists for Vintage May this year, Jane quickly came to mind.  way back when i put out my sweet tartan dress tutorial, Jane sewed one!  and when we did Vintage May, Jane sewed along!  it’s just so exciting for me, and i’ve always been grateful to her for that (she sewed my summer nightgowns too!).  Jane is a creative soul, and though her blog you can see she is totally committed to instilling her kids with that creativity as well.

my favorite thing Jane has made is this dress – it’s GORGEOUS.  i love that she encourages her kids to be awesome and also love that she sews for herself and home too.

her post today is pretty great – look at that toddler belly framed by stripey suspenders!  teehee!  go check out Buzzmills to see the rest!  thanks Jane!

UPDATE: and don’t miss her smocked playsuit, posted a day later!!  so perfect.


and then check out the most gorgeous handsewn thrifted dress over on CINO!  CINO!  CINO!


vintage may: petit á petit and family

vintage may 2014

my guest today is two years in the making!  during the first Vintage May, a gal named Celina of petit á petit and family emailed me to see if she could add a few photos to our flickr group of things she’d sewn a while ago.  at that time, she only rarely blogged her sewing, but she was already making quite the name for herself on Pinterest.  that’s where we first found each other (she now has almost 3 million Pinterest followers, holy cow!!!).  in the two years since, Celina has been sewing a LOT more regularly, and her impeccable taste quickly got her noticed in our little community!  she seems to be involved all sorts of cool projects these days – she’s both co-creator of STYLO magazine and designer in the very cool Willow & Co. pattern collective, both of which are the new hotness.

i love how Celina uses color and pattern and always tries new things – this outfit blew me away, as did this one, and all of this was so great too!  i love how she really commits with her photography and styling.  Celina is just an inspiring person with tons of ideas, and i love people like that.  they push everyone around them to be more creative!

for her post today, Celina made a fantastic swimsuit and fancy coverup inspired by 70s bohemian style for her daughter – and its all gorgeous!  go see!


rumor has it there’s a pattern in the works, too!  awesome.

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vintage may guest: cut cut sew

vintage may 2014

my guest today is Kelly from cut cut sew.  i first found Kelly when she did this great maternity top tutorial for Rae FOUR YEARS AGO!  she was flickr-only for a long time, but started blogging last year, and it made me so excited when she did!

as i dabble more in sewing for myself, i seek out bloggers that do it regularly – it’s a whole different group than the “mostly kids clothes” blogs, so it takes more effort to find them!  Kelly is so great at it.  she actually moved to Portland last summer and i’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with her and her two sweet little gals a few times – every time i see her, she’s rockin’ the handmades!  her minoru jacket is one of my all-time favorite sewn creations in all of blogland, ever (it’s inspired me multiple times and the jacket is even more amazing in person)!  the girl makes thoughtful, daily-wear clothes – Kelly has an actual wardrobe, not just a closet full of pretty dresses.  she makes jeans, button down shirts, sweaters, leggings, etc. Kelly hasn’t purchased any clothes from a store in a year and a half!  THAT’s impressive, and so inspiring.  plus in person, kelly is just laid-back and cool.  i like her a lot.

Kelly made a 70s Diane von Furstenberg-inspired wrap dress, and it’s sooooo lovely.  check it out!

cut cut sew
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vintage may guest: oliver’s fancy

vintage may 2014

my guest today is Brooke from Oliver’s Fancy.  Brooke has two adorable little boys and she is really great at sewing awesome clothes for them (check out all she accomplished during spring KCW!).  the hardest trick of kid sewing is making it look interesting but still passable as store-bought, and that sweet spot is much smaller for boy than for girl sewing.  to me, Brooke nails that balance perfectly, even in costume form!  if you have little guys to sew for, she’s one you’ll want to follow.  she also sews for herself quite a bit – I especially love her weekend getaway blouse and washi #2.  plus, i’m super impressed by gals that sew for their husbands, and Brooke does it with aplomb!

for Vintage May, Brooke sewed the cuuuuutest 50s rockabilly look for her son and oh man look how adorable he is!!  i can’t even handle it.  check out the rest of her look here at Oliver’s Fancy.

vintage may by brooke crook

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