vintage may guest: oliver’s fancy

vintage may 2014

my guest today is Brooke from Oliver’s Fancy.  Brooke has two adorable little boys and she is really great at sewing awesome clothes for them (check out all she accomplished during spring KCW!).  the hardest trick of kid sewing is making it look interesting but still passable as store-bought, and that sweet spot is much smaller for boy than for girl sewing.  to me, Brooke nails that balance perfectly, even in costume form!  if you have little guys to sew for, she’s one you’ll want to follow.  she also sews for herself quite a bit – I especially love her weekend getaway blouse and washi #2.  plus, i’m super impressed by gals that sew for their husbands, and Brooke does it with aplomb!

for Vintage May, Brooke sewed the cuuuuutest 50s rockabilly look for her son and oh man look how adorable he is!!  i can’t even handle it.  check out the rest of her look here at Oliver’s Fancy.

vintage may by brooke crook

so great, right??  don’t forget to check out craftiness is not optional for Jess’ guest!


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