vintage may guest: girl like the sea

vintage may 2014

my guest today is Tara from Girl Like the Sea.  Tara currently lives in Virginia but grew up in Oregon, where i live.  we bonded over coffee, microbrews, fabric shopping spots, the merits of McMenamins fries, etc. – i’m mean and like making her homesick in the hopes that she’ll move back here soon.  we met up last March when she visited, and had a lot of fun!  she’s a big fat nerd, way into Star Wars and Legos and awesome stuff like that, and her three kiddos are super duper cute.  Tara’s STYLO spread was one of my favorites, and her blog is a gem you’re just gonna want to follow.  she’s one of the honest bloggers – her photography is awesome but there’s always something a bit rough around the edges about it – things aren’t perfect, and she never claims they are, but she’ll inspire the heck out of you with her creativity and she’ll make you laugh, too.  Tara sews things that make her kids happy, and she writes with a self-depricating sense of humor that draws you in.

for Vintage May, Tara sewed the most hilariously adorable 70s nerd outfits for her two cutie girls – they look so awesome and you can tell they feel great in their outfits!  get ready to giggle with glee over at Girl Like the Sea!

schoolyard nerds for vintage may

and after you’ve paid Tara a nice long visit, pop on over to see who Jess is hosting today at craftiness is not optional!


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