vintage may guest: stitched together

vintage may 2014

my first guest is Rachel from Stitched Together.  Rachel is mother of four with one on the way – she sews beautifully classic garments for her kids, always with the perfect pops of color (oh this sailboat dress!) and writes with passion and heart.  her photography is beautiful (she’s the queen of magic hour) and she’s a person you really feel like you get to know through her blog.  after you click over today, be sure to poke around a while; i always look forward to Rachel’s posts!

Rachel sewed for her three girls and recreated a vintage pattern cover, and I just love how the outfits coordinate beautifully without totally matching – each garment seems to perfectly fit the personality of its wearer.  check out Rachel’s post for more information and gorgeous photography!

vintage may by stitched together

and today over at CINO, Jess has Alexia from leximade, who made the perfect summery outfit for her little gal – her photos make me want to fast forward to July!  thanks so much for kicking us off, Rachel and Alexia!


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