film petit: the big lebowski

film petit february!  as i re-watched our chosen film this month, i realized something – apparently my husband and i quote it constantly, maybe sometimes without even realizing it.  it’s everyone’s favorite highly quotable quirky bowling movie – it’s….The Big Lebowski!

film petit: the big lebowski

if my husband remembers to get something at the store that i forgot to put on the list?  i tell him “he’s a good man, and thorough.”  someone’s carrying a drink and a kid bumps into them?  “there’s a beverage here, man!”  something gets spilled on/damaged?  it “really tied the room together.”  and just at random times… “8 year olds, dude.”

am i wrong?

am i wrong?

film petit: the big lebowski

anyway, before i fall down the rabbit hole of movie quotes (in the parlance of our times – GAH), i suppose i should talk about the movie plot.

ummmmm wellllll it’s kind of hard to explain.  let me give it my best shot.  1998’s The Big Lebowski was directed by the Coen Brothers.  it tells the story of the mellow and lazy Jeffrey Lebowski (aka “The Dude,” or “Duder,” or “El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing”) perfectly played by Jeff Bridges.  The Dude is mistaken for a rich man also named Jeffrey Lebowski, and is suddenly drawn into a crazy kidnapping caper, when all he really wants to do is drink white russians and bowl with his buddies.  it’s a pretty weird but beloved movie, and one i’ve seen about a million times.

film petit: the big lebowski

typically we all pick different movie characters for film petit, but we felt that we should each make tiny Dudes this month to sort of swamp the internet with them – a mini Lebowskifest!  mine is “pre-opening credit Dude,” the two scene intro that sets the stage for the rest of the movie.  the Dude goes to the grocery store to grab some half and half for his white russian…

film petit: the big lebowski

film petit: the big lebowski

but comes home only to find himself getting dunked in his own toilet and his rug micturated upon by a couple hooligans attempting to shake him down for money he clearly doesn’t have.

film petit: the big lebowski

film petit: the big lebowskifilm petit: the big lebowski

i sewed for O again, figuring the smaller the Dude was, the funnier it would be.  and actually it was pretty hilarious – this is the MOST recognized character during one of my film petit photoshoots.  people at the more-crowded-than-i-expected-it-to-be-at-that-hour grocery store were giggling and saying “haha, is that The Dude?”  left and right.  i started out a little self-conscious about it, but then ran with it.  i think O liked the attention.

film petit: the big lebowski

his bathrobe is made of wide wale corduroy from JoAnn, and the pattern is the Just Like Dad Flannel Robe from Sewing for Boys.  i made it in a 2-3T for the length but chopped 3″ off the sleeves (and they’re still roll up-worthy!) so he’ll definitely wear it a while.  the shorts are the Oliver + S Sketchbook Shorts made out of daddy’s old ones.

film petit: the big lebowski

the undershirt, which i didn’t get a great photo of, is Made by Rae’s Flashback Skinny Tee, made out of daddy’s old t-shirt, short sleeved, with a v-neck!

film petit: the big lebowski

i’m actually pretty excited about the non-overlapping v-neck and might share a mini tutorial for it a little later; i’ve always wanted to know how to do that and it wasn’t hard once i figured it out.

film petit: the big lebowski

my little Dude got the munchies at the store and picked out a couple snacks.  figured that was probably pretty true to character (the Dude likes to “smoke Js”).

film petit: the big lebowski

while my little dude is snacking on chili cheese fritos and abiding, you can head over to see the other little lebowski urban achievers that my partners sewed up!

our guest this month, Sabra from sew a straight line, sewed both “bowling alley Dude” AND a mini walter sobchak!  both are absolute perfection.  she even gets us a toe – you don’t want to know how, but there are ways.  thanks so much for joining us, Sabra!

and my partner Jessica, not to be outdone, sewed “playoff/funeral Dude” with some awesome details, AND took photos at a very special locale!  go check it out!

proud we are of all of them!


here are the guidelines for film petit:

film petit button
P.S. this is not ‘nam, this is bowling.  there are rules.
P.P.S.  do you see what happens, larry?!
P.P.P.S.  i am the walrus.

61 thoughts on “film petit: the big lebowski

  1. Sabra says:

    Holy crap! The Dude is adorable as a toddler. O is adorable as The Dude. That robe! I love it all. Thank you so much for letting me play along. Seriously, so much fun!

  2. Carolina says:

    Oh boy. Great movie. What amazing is this tinny DUDE.
    Love this serie. Some tutorial for V neck FBSTee? BTW, I have to wait years before drink a White Russian, in Chile wasn’t popular years after the movie.;p

  3. Mie says:

    Hahaha OH I wish I was there for that supermarket photo shoot with a toddler in sunglasses and a bath robe. I can’t stop laughing….SO funny!

    • kim says:

      I know! That’s what I kept thinking: how awesome it would have been to be there for that photoshoot! This is too funny, Kristin. Nice job!

      • kristin says:

        haha thanks guys! seriously i thought friday morning would be pretty empty, but it was hard for me to keep only O in the shot! packed! good thing i don’t really care. 😉

  4. Meghan says:

    Awesome!!!! You and Jessica have outdone yourselves again! My husband and I love this movie and find ourselves quoting it often as well. The bathrobe is killing me! Too cute!

  5. domestic bliss squared says:

    This is so cute it hurts! The Big Lebowski is one of my husband’s favorite movies and we call our son “the dude.” I’ve been meaning to make him a shirt that says “the dude abides” for a long time, and I think I may have just been inspired to make it!

  6. girllikethesea says:

    Way too cute! Such a dude. Your tee turned out really good! I’m going to cave and get this f*cking pattern (getting into the spirit of the movie…hahaha). Between this and Rae’s hooded version, I’m feeling the need. A while ago I did a v neck for clover like that and it was pretty satisfying when I got it done. It’s here in Portland with us, actually!

    Ok…when can we get a what about bob petit? The world needs a tiny “don’t hassle me I’m local” shirt and a mini dr Leo.

    • kristin says:

      you don’t own the FBST yet? TARA!!! you’ll use it tons, it’s money well spent.

      i haven’t seen “what about bob” very much, maybe just once in high school? *ducks*

  7. Inder says:

    “Obviously you’re not a golfer.” (That’s the only quote I could think of that didn’t have the F-word in it.) Love that movie! Your little dude is the cutest little Dude that ever did abide. My goodness.

  8. Darci says:

    Would have been so funny to see you taking pics at the grocery,store.
    And btw, the non overlapping vnk is a ‘mitred v neck’ 😉 you figured out how to mitre the trim!

  9. danawillard says:

    This is so rad! I seriously look forward to these every month….esp next month. haah.
    Really great pics and the outfit is fabulous! I mostly love that you took pics in a grocery store and on the toilet. Perfect.
    And I was laughing at your comment on Jessica’s blog “friend I’ve never met”. That’s totally me and Rae. We’ve actually talked on the phone a couple times and gchat often. But one day we’ll meet in person. Can we have a party with you and Jess too? 🙂

  10. Stephanie says:

    This is great! One of our family favorites, too, although our daughter doesn’t understand any of it (thank goodness!). She loves bowling though, so maybe a film-inspired photo shoot is in her future, too.

  11. Cherie says:

    Haha, I was laughing through this whole post – love the quotes. I think this may be my favorite FP photoshoot yet – though they’ve all been great. Anyways, O is adorable. You make me want to watch the movie again. And maybe go bowling. Or just drink a White Russian. And yes please, on the V neck tutorial.

  12. Ray says:

    Just this Saturday the “you want a toe…I can get you a toe” quote was busted out by my buddy when we were hanging out! LOVE this movie! And yes…it is well quoted among me and my friends!

  13. Ray says:

    One more thing..actually two. The same buddy for Halloween him and his wife went as Walter and The Dude. When his wife’s grandmother passed it fell to Heather to make arrangements…her grandmother wanted to be cremated and wanted her ashes to be spread out over a lake near to where she lived…they were shocked at the price fo the urn. Well I think you know where this is going. They didn’t do it but after they left the funeral home Scott just looked at Heather and asked where a grocery store was and that broke Heather up and made it easier for her to say goodbye to the woman that raised her! That just shows you the power of The Dude!

  14. Peero Scarfuffle says:

    It’s ironic that a movie prided for its uniqueness and unpredictability has become the focus of one of the stalest cult fandoms in existence. Much like Monty Python, the original appeal of The Big Lebowski has been ruined by hipster me-tooists who never cease to degrade the movie’s artistic merit for the rest of us.

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