floral roller skate dress

i mentioned back when i posted my forest path cape that there would be a couple more Oliver + S pattern previews coming, and here is the first!  Oliver + S just released the roller skate dress + tunic, one of two new spring patterns now available.  today a couple friends (Jess and Cherie) and i are very excited to show you a few examples of it all sewn up.

we’ll each post our version of the roller skate dress or tunic throughout the day today, so we’re calling it a rolling tour!

roller skate dress + tunic rolling tour

i’m up first.

since Em is a major dress gal, i’m always looking for new casual dress designs i can sew for her to keep her comfy while still fulfilling her need for fancy.  i really love the roller skate dress for that.  i think i actually said “oooooo!” out loud when Liesl sent me a preview of it.  it’s cute, simple, stylish, and comfy.  the version i picked (view A) is only two pattern pieces!  it’s fully lined, a fast sew, and so versatile i can see myself sewing it multiple times, each resulting in a totally different look.  perfect for my little gal.

floral roller skate dress

i sewed a 3T with a 4T length.  the chest has a generous fit brought in with an elastic casing for some shape, and it seems like the kind of fit that will last for quite a while as a dress and later as a tunic (she tends to grow up, not out).

floral roller skate dress

the back closes with a button loop, and the construction of the whole dress is really clean and well-explained (as are all Oliver + S patterns!).  it has a bubble dress-esque faux cap sleeve which is what makes the sewing especially quick, and the optional ribbon on the front adds a fun bit of contrast.

floral roller skate dress

Em was super excited to wear her new springy dress.  weather around here is iffy in february – flowers are starting to bud, but temps are still hovering around the 40s.  not exactly summer dress weather, but that didn’t stop her from picking her saltwater sandals and pink flower hair clip for these photos!  she layered it with tights and a sweater for school the next day.

floral roller skate dress

she’s also really into having her hair braided after her evening bath so it’s “curly” the next day.  then she doesn’t let me brush it.

floral roller skate dress

do you like my polka dot wall??  i have ruffles & stuff to thank for that fun idea.  thanks, disney!

floral roller skate dress

oh yeah – the fabric is a thrifted vintage sheet (first used as a quilt) and i lined it with a soft cream gauze.  my inspiration was this crewcuts dress though i’m excited to try this pattern out in more modern fabrics too – it seems super flexible that way.

floral roller skate dress

and check out the other stops on our little rolling tour…it’ll pop up over at A Little Gray today around noon eastern time (up now!), and at You & Mie around 3pm eastern (up now!)!  they each made different tunic versions for their little gals, so between the three of us you can see nearly all of the options this cute little pattern has to offer!  fun fun.

UPDATE:  the roller skate dress + tunic pattern is now available for purchase on the Oliver + S website!  you can order either paper or digital versions of the pattern, or keep an eye on your local fabric store if they usually carry Oliver + S.  yay!

the pinwheel pattern is up next!

*i was provided with the roller skate dress + tunic pattern at no cost for this pattern review.  my opinions, as always, are my own.*


31 thoughts on “floral roller skate dress

  1. Running WIth Scissors says:

    looks so great with the floral print and salt water sandals! I can’t believe flowers are budding. We have a foot of snow everywhere and it’s getting old. So fun to know Jessica and Cherie are in on the tour as well!

  2. kim says:

    What a great dress! I love that vintage sheet, too; it makes for such a sweet and pretty look. And I’m glad you mentioned the hair, because I TOTALLY remember that braids-before-bed “style.” Crimping on the cheap! 🙂

  3. lucinda says:

    such a versatile dress, and adorable enough to make many versions of it! love the vintage sheet – such a sweet look. this pattern is definitely on my wish list!

  4. Suburbia Soup says:

    SO sweet! I like the mix of the vintage fabric and the chevron ribbon… that really caught my eye. I just rolled over from A Little Grey and I’ll be rollin’ over to You and Mie later…

  5. ms27bossy says:

    I’ve read all of the posts today and I adore your version of the dress, the tunics, and the dress on the Oliver + S blog. Yay! I can’t wait to try it. Please please please can we get some warm weather to inspire me to get a move on with my summer dress making?

  6. Cherie says:

    This is so super sweet. I love that vintage print and how much use you’re getting out of that one sheet! Also am loving her hair – I used to do that too! Definitely do not brush it at all or that ish will POOF! Anyways, thanks so much for letting me join the Rolling Tour! Fun working with you, as always 🙂

  7. Emily says:

    Oh so pretty! I think my parents still have that sheet set. . . . Um and super awesome you got to preview these patterns! The pinwheel tunic/slip dress was already on my list and you may’ve changed my mind about the rollerskate dress. PS Ansley calls her hair “curly” too when it’s wavy from being braided.

  8. Delia says:

    I have to say I am in LOVE with this pattern. So cute! I love how versatile it can be. Your vintage floral version is just lovely Krisitin. Great fabric choice.

  9. carolyn says:

    Yay for new Oliver and S patterns! This one looks fantatic!
    And I love how you always include little details about Em in your post. These are going to be so fun to look back on when she’s older!

  10. Jane says:

    I love this pattern and your version!! So beautiful and springy!! I need to find some pretty vintage sheets…I love all of your vintage sheet projects!

  11. Sabra says:

    I love how soft and feminine this is, without a bunch of superfluous ruffles and whatnot. But I’m bummed about the fabric. I was going to ask where you got it, I want a dress out of it. A sheet? Bah! All the sheets at my local thrift store are pilly and have Alvin and the Chipmunks on them. Yes. All of them.

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