whole cloth floral vintage sheet quilt

i’d been jonesing to make a quilt and was seeing some really cool whole cloth quilts pop up lately (like this and this and this), which made it seem even more attainable in the short term! then our friends had a new baby girl, H, causing my “i wanna make a quilt” feeling to quickly bubble over. also, i just really, really wanted to sew with this lovely vintage sheet i thrifted months ago. it’s so soft.

the backing is denyse schmidt scallop stripe in rose.

i did the ol’ machine stitch the front side, handstitch the back side method for the binding, which is a mustard-y kona cotton but i’m not sure which. the finished size is 36″ x 45″ (i just used a package of craft size batting). perfect size to wrap a small person in.

i actually thought up, started, and finished this quilt the same day, working during naptimes and finishing the binding after bedtime. it’s that quick! this is only my fourth quilt and only my second with batting, so i’d say whole cloth is the way to go for a beginner. so easy, but you learn all the steps. i loved the scallop shape of the back, so i mimicked it in my quilting. i used a dinner plate to create the shape, and laid a big measuring stick across the quilt to keep them straight. (PHONE PHOTO ALERT!)

i made little marks on each side of the plate with my water soluble pen once i knew how big i wanted the scallops, then traced around the plate, repeating until i had my quilting pattern. the scallop rows are about 6″ apart.

i quilted it with a walking foot, pivoting at the corners. i also added a pink appliqued H, so she knows it’s hers. πŸ™‚

once the quilt photo sesh was done, Em wanted to take some pictures with my camera, too. she was very interested in capturing the flowers and grass and our shadows. i think she did a pretty great job, wanna see? the shadow is me holding onto the camera strap for dear life in case she dropped it…

not too shabby for a 3.5 year old, in this humble mother’s opinion! have a wonderful weekend!


31 thoughts on “whole cloth floral vintage sheet quilt

  1. I'm Feelin' Crafty says:

    What perfect timing! We have this beachouse and it has these UGLY old bed covers that stay on the beds when no one is there and even when we’re there if no one is staying in that bed. I soooo want to do this for those beds. Just give it a fresh look! And I just started thinking of making some thrifting trips to find the right ones for the rooms just yesterday!! I love the combo of these colors! And the quilting pattern.

  2. Trinh says:

    beautiful quilt! funny cause s has really been into taking pictures too. i let her use the point and shoot though. em’s pictures are really cool!

  3. Stef says:

    Ooooo, that’s a really good idea. I just saw a vintage sheet in Goodwill the other day, but I left it because I was too lazy to stand in line. Darnit – it would have been perfect for this. Good job!!

    • kristin says:

      thanks! oh yeah, i know. i force myself to buy them even though i don’t have room in my sewing room. always ends up worth it to have them around…

  4. danielle says:

    Darling! I have fabric that I got at Bolt (!) when I was there to make one of these for Ollie. Pieces quiltd are of course darling but these are so soft and practical.

    Also, Em’s pictures coordinate so nicely with your quilt photoshoot –so look out…future blogger I think;)

  5. Heather says:

    How cute! I have a vintage sheet in my stash that I’ve been wanting to do something with. This may be the perfect project! Visiting from kojodesigns–Heather @ NoBusinessLikeSewBusiness

  6. jessica says:

    Wow, I love this! I really love how you did the scallop quilting to echo the back fabric. (Hey I just noticed my link in your sidebar- thanks amiga!)

  7. nikki says:

    beautiful! i’ve never made a quilt before — this seems like a nice, simple place to start. perhaps obvious question, but: do you do the binding or the scallops first? thanks!

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