a new flickr group

oh wow! the response to my sweet tartan tutorial has been so nice and such a surprise! made all of the work worth it, for sure. the thing i was realizing as i was seeing your comments and pins is that if anybody out there ends up using my tutorial to make a dress for your little gal, i would really love to see it! seeing everyone’s creative designs would just be the coolest thing ever to me. so to facilitate that, i went ahead and started a skirt as top flickr group! when i started sewing, i relied on free tutorials to inspire me and help me learn, and flickr is where i posted photos of my projects for 1.5 years before i started this blog. that’s where i started building that sense of community that i love so much about sewing, so hey, i might as well give back!

and i suppose i should probably link to a few of my prior tutorials just in case you missed them…if you’ve ever sewn something using one of these tutorials, please throw them in there too!  or even if you’ve just gotten some inspiration from this little blog!  🙂

superhero cape tutorial

adding elbow patches to a homesewn garment tutorial (for elsie marley)

bib template and boyish applique tutorial (for sparkle power)

won’t you please head on over and join the new skirt as top flickr group and share what you’re making (or have made – older projects are welcome, too!)? thanks again for all of your wonderful support – you know how to make a gal feel all warm and fuzzy and wanting to do more tutorials in the future… 🙂

oh and i changed the flickr link on my sidebar to go straight to the group as well, so it’ll always be easy to find.

have a great day!

6 thoughts on “a new flickr group

  1. Kate says:

    As a newbie to this….I too rely on every single tutorial ever put out there to learn tips and tricks…. So you may be waiting a while….but I will put my tartan dress up when I eventually learn enough to be able to tackle it!! Thanks again.

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