b&w morris blazer

continuing to work my way through the Grainline Studio pattern library, fangirl-ing all the way, with this blazer.

b&w morris blazer

it’s the Morris Blazer, released last April.  i got to see Kelly’s olive twill blazer in person and it was amazing, but it took me a while to get around to making mine.  i finally got a kick in the pants when i found this very cool knit at JoAnn, and i sewed my Morris up in an evening. Continue reading

double gauze alder for nani IRO month

it’s nani IRO month again, yay!  was super flattered last year to be invited by miss matatabi to participate, and equally flattered this year.  wanting to branch out a bit but remain very selfish with my nani IRO, i decided to use a pattern i’d been meaning to try since the day it was released – the Grainline alder dress.

nani IRO alder dress // skirt as top

the fabric i chose was a beautiful double gauze called Spectacle – it’s pink and lime green brush strokes on a light pink background.  i love the hand painted aesthetic of nani IRO fabric, it feels effortless and it’s always so pretty.  Frances has a great selection of nani IRO listed in her shop and even though she lives in Japan and I’m on the west coast of the US, her shipments seem to arrive impossibly fast!   Continue reading

gray + navy linden

i’ve blogged for nearly four years now and i always struggle in December – movies and early bedtimes just sound better than sewing on winter weeknights, and there are a lot of events all weekend every weekend all month long.  buuuut it had bugged me that i had this sweater half cut out and i really wanted to WEAR the darn thing, so i finally finished it!

gray + navy linden

yep yep it’s a Linden Sweatshirt, the latest Grainline pattern.   Continue reading

sen ritsu archer for nani IRO month

a couple weeks ago, i got an email from Frances of the online Japanese fabric shop, miss matatabi, asking if, by chance, i might want to participate in a little celebration of nani IRO she was putting on in June.  to me, nani IRO fabrics are some of the most beautiful and interesting designs on the market, but i’ve only sewn with them a couple times…largely due to cost/selection constraints.

i happened to be out of town when i got her email, with only my phone and a spotty cell signal – plus i believe it was almost midnight – but i couldn’t tap out a YES fast enough!

when one is offered free nani IRO fabric, one says yes.  and then one requests enough to make herself a shirt with it.

sen ritsu archer

i chose sen ritsu – b, a lovely neutral floral with metallic copper accents on some of the flowers (didn’t know that part until the fabric actually came, what a perfect surprise!)  sen ritsu – a has neon accents and more springy colors, also great.  many Nani IRO prints (designed by Japanese textile designer Naomi Ito for Kokka) have a hand-painted quality that makes them unique – i keep finding surprises within the print itself that make me happy.  i love the romantic quality of it, and especially the fabric it’s printed on.  the famous Japanese attention to detail is evident in both the fabric and the pattern. Continue reading