b&w morris blazer

continuing to work my way through the Grainline Studio pattern library, fangirl-ing all the way, with this blazer.

b&w morris blazer

it’s the Morris Blazer, released last April.  i got to see Kelly’s olive twill blazer in person and it was amazing, but it took me a while to get around to making mine.  i finally got a kick in the pants when i found this very cool knit at JoAnn, and i sewed my Morris up in an evening.

b&w morris blazer

it’s a double sized knit – the striped side is a looser weave hacci knit, but underneath it’s sort of a black ponte.  i sewed all of the inside seams with my serger and the topstitching with black thread and it’s almost invisible.

b&w morris blazer

the knit has a 2 way stretch, so it’s super comfy in the shoulders but doesn’t lose its shape over time.  perfect for this pattern.

b&w morris blazer

i sewed a size 6 and added 1” to the body and to the arms, and it hits just where i want it to.  i’ve actually been surprised how much i’ve worn this jacket – i made it more for casual weekend wear, but i wear it to my business formal office job quite a bit!  it looks just as good with a pencil skirt and heels as it does with jeans.

b&w morris blazer

it’s such a quick and fun sew (just like everyone says) and a rewarding result – i want another one!  i guess i’m just waiting for lighting to strike twice with another perfect fabric – maybe a nice stretch twill or something?

b&w morris blazer

the only thing that bugs me is i was a tad short on fabric and had to cut the lapel facings with stripes going different ways.  it’s something i try to forget about when i wear it, no one probably notices but me, and i probably shouldn’t have even pointed out but…i just did.  haha.  oh well.  i love it anyway!


9 thoughts on “b&w morris blazer

  1. Jennifer Parrish says:

    loooove it! Really cute with jeans. And I didn’t notice the stripes going different ways. I went back and looked and can see it now that you point it out but not oh-crap-now-I-see-it-every-single-time-I-look-at-it-and-I-wish-she-hadn’t-told-me! The fabric is perfect for disguising mistakes!

  2. Kathleen Kelley says:

    I actually like the lapel stripes going a different way. It creates interest! I never knew it was a mistake. LOL! Looks great on you!

  3. Dani Malloy says:

    Wow, this looks so RTW, in a really, really good way! I think the lapel facings look great how they are—breaks things up a bit. Nice job! I made one of these last year and you’ve inspired me to bust the pattern out again. 🙂

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