gray + navy linden

i’ve blogged for nearly four years now and i always struggle in December – movies and early bedtimes just sound better than sewing on winter weeknights, and there are a lot of events all weekend every weekend all month long.  buuuut it had bugged me that i had this sweater half cut out and i really wanted to WEAR the darn thing, so i finally finished it!

gray + navy linden

yep yep it’s a Linden Sweatshirt, the latest Grainline pattern.  Jen has a knack for designing the sort of basics i want to live in day in and day out and she always nails the fit, so even if i don’t THINK i have a need for a “stylish sweatshirt,” i make hers and love it (and then i continue to beg her to make a jeans pattern because i trust her).

gray + navy linden

i love the slightly boxy shape of the sweater paired with a lower cut neckline, which keeps it feminine.  this is View A (View B has cropped sleeves and body, could be fun to try).

gray + navy linden

i love the raglan sleeves and the fact that there’s no hemming, just cuffs.  super fast sew.  raglans are always fast though; they come together in a snap.

gray + navy linden

i made a 6 and i feel like it could be juuuust a touch longer, but that’s my fault – this french terry (from mill end) was really hard to true up and i had to trim off about 1/2” where the stripes had gone a bit wonky at the bottom.  the navy blue ribbing is also from mill end.  i sometimes seem to get a bit of waviness when joining a very stretchy rib knit to a not super stretchy other knit – got any tips for me there?  should the ribbing be shorter?  longer?  press it more?  maybe it’s just stretched out from sewing and will go away with a couple washings.  hm.

gray + navy linden

get this – i finally did the thing i’ve feared doing for a couple years now and hit a pin with my serger blade, breaking it and sending it flying across the room.  sooooo most of the ribbing was serged without the blade which is probably how i should’ve been doing it anyway, seam-allowance wise.

gray + navy linden

my serger knives were dull and i was going to have to find more soon, so it just forced the issue.  i ordered new upper and lower knives here, seemed like a reasonable price and i threw in some needles to get free shipping.  i have a Brother 1034D (affiliate link) and it’s a bit noisy and bouncy compared to higher end models, but it gets the job done and the price can’t be beat.

i’m looking forward to making more Lindens and i also want to sew a Lane Raglan, which is designed more as a t-shirt, to see how they compare.

gray + navy linden

hey would ya look at this little photobomber?  he just turned FOUR!  🙂

15 thoughts on “gray + navy linden

  1. oliver's fancy says:

    Ugh I’m having the same problem. December seems to be my tv binge month. I won’t watch anything for months and then I over-indulge. Plus when it gets dark so early I feel the need to hibernate a bit. Been going to bed crazy early. But I totally need to make this sweatshirt! I even splurged and bought the paper pattern during Black Friday! Yours looks so cozy I am now motivated to get my sewing game in gear!

  2. sweetkmblog says:

    Love it. It looks so cozy, and perfect for a busy December. I swear I’m gonna sew more for myself in January. December has been all about the kids and I REALLY want a Linden (and some Hudson Pants and a couple of Archers…)!

  3. jennifer says:

    I love it!! Can you show some up close photos next time? I like to see the type of fabric used and I can get a better idea of it when there is a close up. I want to make this now. I have the lane raglan and keep saying I want to make that one too. I haven’t found knits i want to use though..

    • kristin says:

      ack sorry! i tried and did get a few, but was taking these with my remote and sometimes it just decides not to focus, and they were all blurry. but you’re right, i should’ve taken some of the garment flat or something – french terry has that loopy inside that’s interesting to see. finding the right knits is seriously the trickiest game in sewing.

  4. Anna Graham says:

    it’s gorgeous and you look amazing! I hear ya on the December thing. Dark and gray here makes me super unmotivated. ah! hitting the pin, I’m sure that was freaky! Whenever I break a needle on my regular machine I cringe hoping it doesn’t nail me in the eye. haha. happy 4th to the little photobomber.

  5. Katie says:

    I have problems getting motivated to sew in December also. I end up curling up on my sofa with a TV show and my knitting most nights. Love your sweatshirt. The Linden pattern rocks!

  6. Dani Malloy says:

    In between traveling and holiday stuff, it’ll be a miracle if I sew more than a couple things this month. Then there’s the issue of shooting photos with ANY sunlight. Gah! Anyway, this Linden looks super comfy and cute. You’re inspiring me to start on my own 🙂

  7. kaloskraft says:

    Cute top! I empathize with you on the waviness at the bottom-I have had similar problems with no solution except to put the garment in my mending pile which really means I may never look at it again! I am glad to see you sewing something for yourself this December-sewing waay too many Christmas gifts has put me in a super grumpy sewing funk which can only be resolved by sewing myself a new dress of course. I would love to see your Lane Raglan if you end up making one-I also have my eye on that pattern.

  8. Lightning McStitch says:

    You look great in this. between you and Ute I’m really sold on this pattern.
    I am a now reformed former sewer over of pins with the sewing machine ($295 service later) but I live in morbid fear of doing that with the overlocker. I’ve even pondered safety eye wear just in case. Glad your Ok and didn’t take it in the neck! :0

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