polynesian pinwheel tunic

next up on the Oliver + S spring pattern preview parade is the pinwheel tunic and slip.  i chose view A, the tunic.  Em chose this pose:

polynesian pinwheel tunic

of the three new spring Oliver + S patterns i’ve sewn (the forest path cape, roller skate dress, and this) the pinwheel is the one that differed most from my own style at first glance.  my initial reaction was that the roller skate pattern was the one i’d run out and buy, but the pinwheel is probably the one that Em would run out and buy!  it was a fun creative challenge to make a version we both would love and that would show off the versatility of the pattern, too!

polynesian pinwheel tunic

as you can see, she is quite pleased with this tunic despite the non-girly colors.  she was genuinely surprised that it twirled!

polynesian pinwheel tunic

i sewed a 3T and the fabric is Les Flores from Camp Modern by Birch Organics (i got it at Bolt, but it’s available online at FQS and Fabricworm).  it’s not the cheapest fabric in the world, but the print was totally irresistible to me.  i originally got only 1/2 yard and had to go back for another 1/2 once i realized how perfect it would be on the pinwheel!

polynesian pinwheel tunic

i knew the flounce and the print would play nicely together, but as the garment took shape and i paired it with leggings, it actually took on an almost polynesian vibe.  so i just went with that, styling wise.  plumeria hair clip for the win!

polynesian pinwheel tunic

i decided to omit the sleeves after seeing Liesl’s link to this Narcisco Rodriquez tunic, and instead bound the armholes with bias tape (same method as binding the neckline, just fold one end under before topstitching).

polynesian pinwheel tunic

the skirt is bound with kona olive (duh).  not gonna lie, there is a LOT of bias tape on this pattern.  the tunic itself comes together really quickly, but you’ll need get comfy with sewing bias binding if you aren’t already.  Liesl has been sharing tips on bias tape making in advance of this pattern’s release, which you can check out on the Oliver + S blog (continuous and traditional methods – i always do traditional).

polynesian pinwheel tunic

such a fun and pretty result though, right?  Em’s closet is full of dresses but has far fewer shirts/tunics so i loved adding this to her wardrobe.  the fact that i made it sleeveless makes it layer nicely under a cardigan but will be really great with shorts as summer approaches.  it was over 50 degrees out, but this speedy photoshoot was still followed up with warm cocoa.

polynesian pinwheel tunic

and here’s my little mama and her baby elephant.  Em is getting a lot of say in the photos these days – shoe choice was hers again, as was the bracelet and elephant buddy “Trunky.”  she has also started drawing “patterns” for dresses she’d like me to sew.  i love her to pieces, but she can be a real taskmaster sometimes!

Cherie, Jess, and I are doing another “rolling tour” for the pinwheel pattern! here is Jessica’s adorable Easter egg solid version of both the tunic and dress together, and here is Cherie’s lovely and serene linen version of the dress!  you’ve got to go check them out – their lovely fabric choices lend to totally different-looking and beautiful pinwheels.

UPDATE:  the pinwheel tunic + slip dress pattern is now available for purchase on the Oliver + S website!  you can order either paper or digital versions of the pattern, or keep an eye on your local fabric store if they usually carry Oliver + S.  yay!

pinwheel pattern rolling tour

*i was provided with the pinwheel tunic + slip dress pattern at no cost for this pattern review. my opinions, as always, are my own.*


20 thoughts on “polynesian pinwheel tunic

  1. erin says:

    this is darling! my daughter we be all over it… the twirl queen she is and all 🙂 Em looks quite pleased with it!

    p.s. you guys doing vintage may this year?

  2. Jessica says:

    I love the polynesian twirling princess! Really cool print. I think we have all ended up loving this one more than we thought. And tradish bias making huh? We are living in a continuous world, and I am a continuous girl.

  3. Jane says:

    Love love love it!! i agree that the roller skate dress was the one i’ve been drawn too…but, if V sees this…then I’m sure this is the one she’d choose 😉

  4. Jess says:

    love it! the tunic style is so adorable-I wasn’t drawn to this one as much as the other, but I think I love it now! the colors look great on her too-and great styling Em! I am a total traditional bias tape gal, too. It’s faster for me, I tried the continuous and it was a mess. Sadie says ” I like her dress, is Em coming over for a playdate today?” lol

  5. lucinda says:

    What a great fabric choice! Love it with the olive green – actually reminded me of a Tea Collection dress, which is high praise as I love me my Tea dresses:) You did a great job with this pattern!

  6. Adrianna says:

    ha, I love the pose she chose. This wasn’t my fave either, but I really like what you’ve done with it (yes, even with the purple). A little styling goes a long way! I’ve tried the continuous binding trick three or four times and it never totally works for me. I can’t get the width to be consistently even. Traditional is worth the extra time.

  7. Cherie says:

    Oooooh – love the fabric and the colors and your lil model! It’s the perfect combo for this pattern. Seriously all set for the spring and summer! Now c’mon, Mother Nature! Bring on the sun!

  8. Rae says:

    super great. I LOVE the hot pink shoes with it — there’s something about the super-bright to really make the color in the camp sur print (and the trim) pop!


  9. girllikethesea says:

    I would definitely be drawn to the rollerskate pattern more than this one just because of my personal preferences, but I think Clover would be in the Em camp as far as design goes. Haha. But I really love how this turned out! All of the bias tape looks great. I love how the matching bias tape looks with it on the neckline. It somehow looks more polished to me than contrasting bias there. But then the olive on the hemline looks perfect too. you’re right….that color might actually match everything….

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