vintage may guest: cut cut sew

vintage may 2014

my guest today is Kelly from cut cut sew.  i first found Kelly when she did this great maternity top tutorial for Rae FOUR YEARS AGO!  she was flickr-only for a long time, but started blogging last year, and it made me so excited when she did!

as i dabble more in sewing for myself, i seek out bloggers that do it regularly – it’s a whole different group than the “mostly kids clothes” blogs, so it takes more effort to find them!  Kelly is so great at it.  she actually moved to Portland last summer and i’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with her and her two sweet little gals a few times – every time i see her, she’s rockin’ the handmades!  her minoru jacket is one of my all-time favorite sewn creations in all of blogland, ever (it’s inspired me multiple times and the jacket is even more amazing in person)!  the girl makes thoughtful, daily-wear clothes – Kelly has an actual wardrobe, not just a closet full of pretty dresses.  she makes jeans, button down shirts, sweaters, leggings, etc. Kelly hasn’t purchased any clothes from a store in a year and a half!  THAT’s impressive, and so inspiring.  plus in person, kelly is just laid-back and cool.  i like her a lot.

Kelly made a 70s Diane von Furstenberg-inspired wrap dress, and it’s sooooo lovely.  check it out!

cut cut sew
and be sure to head on over to CINO for her fabulous guest today…


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