vintage may guest: true bias

vintage may 2014

today’s guest is Kelli from True Bias.  i just love so many things Kelli makes.  like “i want to steal it from her closet” type stuff.  she has great taste and mega skills.  Kelli WON Sew, Mama, Sew’s Super Online Sewing Match, and takes pattern making classes in her spare time…the girl is legit!  i really want to use her cocoon cardigan tutorial, i love this shibori dyed shirtthis backpack, this amazing bag.  i could just look at her projects all day – she makes stuff with style.

today she made a super cute outfit for her daughter based on a vintage pattern – isn’t the back so great?  head over to True Bias for her post!  thanks, Kelli!

true bias

be sure to head on over to craftiness is not optional today for her guest!


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