vintage may guest: sweetkm

my next guest is Kristi of sweetkm.  i love Kristi because she loves blue, like a lot, and through her “so what if i sew with blue a lot, it works for me!” attitude, i feel like i have permission to go ahead and use blue for everything i make myself, too!  haha.

when i think of Kristi’s blog, i think of a stylish, practical wardrobe.  the things she sews for herself push the envelope just enough to be interesting, never so far as to lose day-to-day wearability.  she’s one of my favorite adult sewers that way.  and look, she’s even gone vintage in the recent past!

Kristi also knits (and sells knitting patterns!) and she often sews for her kids.  Kristi did a wonderful hansel & gretel look for STYLO3 – i loved the quilted vest she made and her free pattern is still on my to make list!

for her Vintage May post, Kristi sewed a faithful representation of a photo of her grandmother, and i just love it!  even her preview is like looking back in time…head over to sweetKM to see more!

SweetKM Preview Vintage May

over at craftiness is not optional, Jess is hosting a guest that never fails to bring the awesome – check it out!

VM Large


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