chambray archer for the bolt blog

i’m really enjoying building my wardrobe up with handmades that i can wear on a daily basis. somewhere in the last year or so, the clothes i’ve been sewing became the clothes i reach to wear first – not just because i made them and i’m forcing myself to, but because they’re actually my favorite pieces in the closet!

chambray archer

take this shirt, for example.  if you’ve seen me in person in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen this shirt.  i just LOVE this thing and i can’t stop wearing it.  i finished sewing on those buttons, put it on, and it immediately became part of my regular rotation.  the perfect chambray from Bolt and Grainline’s Archer are just a really good team, you guys.

chambray archer

please head on over to the Bolt blog for more pics and info about my new favorite shirt (i made a few fit changes this time), and hey check it out – Bolt sells Grainline paper patterns in the shop now!  go go go!  i may even see you there – after i saw this post of their new arrivals, i can’t wait to get all up in that nani IRO (it looks like they have the fabric i made my previous Archer with)!

chambray archer

oh sorry, gotta mention one more thing – the bag i pose with in the photos was made by my friend (and Archer maker supreme) Kelly out of Pendleton wool.  she used my tutorial and this thing is awesome and i feel way cooler than i am when i take it out on date nights.  thanks Kelly!


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20 thoughts on “chambray archer for the bolt blog

  1. Trine says:

    Gorgeous my friend ♡ looks so stylish and comfy! (Note to self: get that sewing machine fixed so it can make button holes again! You haven’t made anything with button holes for more than two years!)

  2. sophie crespy says:

    wow it is lovely indeed! suits you really well. I am quite scared of making a shirt for myself. But it something I would really like to do. I have been searching to buy some Pendleton wool. But when I go to their site I can only find garments. COuld you help and tell me when I can by this fabric by the yard?? thank you!

  3. Rae says:

    I have yet to take the Archer plunge — but I always love the versions popping up online and chambray is perfect, you are totally right!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh I’ve been eyeing the Archer, but wasn’t sure it would fit right. Yours looks so good on you, I’m going for it (says me who has bought about 10 patterns and actually made about 1).

  5. craftinessisnotoptional says:

    this is cracking me up-we are total twinners now! Even the white top stitching… lol. Gotta love a good basic. It looks like your chambray is softer than mine though. I’ll just have to visit Bolt again and get the good stuff!

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