B6169 Moto Jacket in Navy & Smoke

I’ve been intrigued by the moto jacket.  It’s one of those garments I’ve heard fans of the capsule wardrobe call an “essential.”  It pops up on Pinterest over skirts and jeans alike, and every time I see it I think that the woman wearing it looks fantastic, but I’d never even tried one on myself.

I started thinking it might be the type of piece that I never knew I missed until I had one of my own.

b6169 moto jacket

And then, Liesl released her Spring line of Lisette patterns in partnership with Butterick.  I was immediately drawn to the B6169 Moto Jacket and knew that if the timing worked out, I’d love it to be my next project as a Britex guest blogger.

The timing totally worked out!

b6169 moto jacket

Though choosing fabric online is always tough, I am thrilled with the Midweight Cozy Brushed Navy & Smoke Cotton that I picked for this jacket.  It is a hard fabric to describe – it has enough heft to it to make a nicely structured jacket, but isn’t overly heavy when sewn (or worn).  It retains its shape, but stretches enough to accommodate the many princess seams that needed to be sewn on this pattern.  The navy blue color feels neutral, but the gray pinstripes add interest.  It’s soft to the touch, but not dainty.

It’s just perfect.

b6169 moto jacket

Britex also sent me a high quality metal zipper and beautiful nude pink Bemberg rayon lining to complete the jacket.  I’d heard of but never sewn Bemberg rayon before.  It was a bit tricky and slippery to sew, but feels soooo nice to wear!

b6169 moto jacket

I used my high bust measurement instead of bust to determine my size, at the advice of Liesl (the pattern’s size chart was landing me between a 14 and a 16 and I was worried it would have too much ease – so much sizing anxiety!).  I ended up sewing a 12.  The fit seems pretty spot on, though I generally feel like I need to add a little length to most tops I sew.  So while this jacket feels a touch short to me, I think it hits exactly where it’s supposed to – it’s just not a style I’m used to wearing yet.

b6169 moto jacket

I deviated from the pattern and instructions in a couple places.  First, the pattern calls for small shoulder pads, which I bought, but when I tried to place them I didn’t think they added to the silhouette, so I skipped them.  I think the structure of the fabric and the broadness of my shoulders made them unnecessary.

b6169 moto jacket

The instructions also called for hand sewing the lining sleeves at both the hem and the shoulder, but I followed this tutorial on bagging a jacket lining by Jen of Grainline which results in minimal-to-no hand sewing (your choice).  I always love the magic trick of machine sewing the lining to the sleeves and pulling it all through a sneaky gap to reveal a nearly complete jacket!

b6169 moto jacket

The zipper Britex sent was 20” long and the pattern called for an 18” zipper, so I pulled the extra teeth off with a pair of pliers – Threads Magazine has a nice resource on shortening zippers if needed.  I pressed my seams using either my tailor’s ham or sleeve roll, indispensable tools with the many curved seams on this jacket.

b6169 moto jacket

I’m pretty much in love with my new moto jacket.  It’s the first outerwear I’ve sewn for myself, and I’m so excited to have it in my closet!  I learned a lot in the process, too.  I haven’t sewn many Big 4 patterns and the sizing, markings, and seam allowances (5/8”!) still feel unfamiliar to me, but knowing Liesl was behind the pattern made gave me confidence to take that leap and know it’d pay off.

There’s a lot less hand-holding in Big 4 than indie patterns (no explicit instructions on how and when to trim/grade seam allowances, for instance) and it was a little scary, but I felt like a real grown up conquering this thing.  Like maybe I’ve graduated to the next level of sewing for myself?  Like maybe since the pattern assumed I already knew a bit about sewing, I guess I must?  It’s hard to explain, but kind of exciting too!

b6169 moto jacket

All cotton at Britex is currently 20% off, so if you want to get your hands on some of this awesome fabric, now’s the time!  Thank you Britex for providing the Navy & Smoke Brushed Cotton and Nude Pink Bemberg Rayon for this project, and to Liesl and Butterick for the moto jacket pattern!

Special thanks also to my husband photographer!


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33 thoughts on “B6169 Moto Jacket in Navy & Smoke

  1. Nathalie says:

    The jacket looks great! I love the fabric you chose. I’m also always hesitant to choose a size, I like tops and jackets to be fitted but it’s a fine line between fitted and to small.

  2. lisa g says:

    Give yourself some credit–you definitely know what you’re doing sewing-wise! It always feels good to stretch a little and go ouside your comfort zone. And this jacket is just fantastic!! I’ve had this pattern on my must sew list ever since I saw it. Your fabric sounds amazing, I’ll have to check it out! Great job!!

    • kristin says:

      Thanks – this just felt like a different beast and it relied on me knowing more intermediate/advanced techniques that I knew would give me a better result but weren’t mentioned in the pattern, and I feel like a total newbie when it comes to fitting (lots of grown up sewing blogs talk about the various adjustments they make to achieve perfect fit and i still feel like i mostly need to rely on the pattern). I was still thinking of myself as a “kids clothing sewer” primarily, but this jacket may have changed my view of myself. Anyway! Thanks Lisa! 🙂

  3. megret1979 says:

    Gorgeous! I have had my eye on this pattern, but your version is pushing me over the edge. I love how your fabric shows off all the cool seam lines.

  4. Ms Cleaver says:

    Sewing outwear is one of my favorite things to sew for myself. Yes it can take longer than say, a dress, but you get so much use out of it.

    That said, I still can’t see myself in a moto jacket – it’s too “tough” somehow – but it looks fabulous on you – especially with the cuffed jeans and booties (something else I can’t quite pull off)

    • kristin says:

      I wasn’t sure if I was “tough enough” for a moto jacket either, but it is so fun to wear!! Completely agree about outerwear. Took a long time but totally worth it.

  5. Monica Lynne says:

    Oh, Kristin, you kill me… And you killed it! I read your posts and there’s like 5 things I need to pin now for future reference. I always have to add length to my tops too, but I like where this hits you, I think it’s perfect and probably exactly how it is supposed to be, because it looks fantastic!

  6. crab&bee says:

    I can’t believe this is your first piece of outerwear – well done! It looks so professional. I think the length is perfect, too. (I hear ya on not needing shoulder pads!)

  7. erin says:

    It’s so great! I think it has just the right amount of “moto” if you know what I mean… I’ve always been intimidated by sewing/wearing something like this- but I love your version. Totally wearable!

  8. gail says:

    it’s totally awesome! that looks like perfect jacket fabric for sure, and it highlights all those cool seams so nicely. impeccable sewing, as usual!! clap clap clap clap!!! (<—- the emoticons i want to use)

  9. rachel says:

    Ha – I’m with Gail – so many emoticons I want to use! Definitely heart eyes and the emoticon with shades, too! 🙂 You look amazing! Wow! The jacket is so awesome and I love the colors you chose. They are brilliant together! You rocked it, Kristin! And your husband rocked the photos (but, he did have a gorgeous model to work with!). ❤

  10. sweetkmblog says:

    I am so impressed, definitely sewing like a grown up! You should make a t-shirt to wear with it that says “i made this jacket”, it’s too good for the whole world not to know. Love the booties too.

  11. Jane says:

    Oh my goodness this looks fabulous!! And so so professional, awesome job! That lining looks like heaven! I remember the first time I bought a coat with a pretty slippery lining inside I was like whoa…this is sooo nice…can only imagine how nice it feels when you MAKE it! It really looks great on you…fantastic! Although I know what you mean about length…I’d probably rather it hit just above or at my hips…A+ job!

  12. Sophie says:

    LOVE it! Such a stylish piece and now I’m thinking that it IS an essential item to any wardrobe and I must have one. Looks beautifully sewn too. Those pockets! Swoon.

  13. Lightning McStitch says:

    Fabulous Kristin. Looks like you graduated to the big kids seeing class for sure!
    The princess lines and welt pockets are identical to the old Lisette Passport jacket. I quite liked the one I made but it killed me that it wasn’t lined. Looks like I need this pattern now for a remake.

  14. Kelly says:

    Duuuuuuude! This is so awesome. You look classy and badass all at the same time. A Pinterest dream 😉 It looks so well made and I bet no one would ever know you sewed it yourself unless you told them. The lining is the perfect color too! I can’t wait to see it in person (can I have a playdate with your jacket? haha)

  15. Inder says:

    Did I comment already? I’m coming back to look at this again. It. Is. Fantastic. Man, maybe I need a moto jacket too?! And I love that fabric.

  16. jennifer says:

    I thought I commented on this already! This is sooo awesome Kristin! You styled it really well too:) It looks complicated and store bought! Well done:)

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