fanfare for the little ones

okay so remember back in May when Quilt Market was in Portland and I got to meet and hang out with Rae, and then she and Cherie and I went to lunch, and then Rae came over to my house for a bit?  the story’s all here.

fanfare elephant lounge pants

welllllll when Rae came, she brought strike offs (early versions) of her upcoming (now available) line of organic flannels, called Fanfare.  as an experiment, we randomized the stack and handed them to Em, then asked her what she thought.  she flipped through them, and when she came to the PINK ELEPHANT FLANNEL, she giggled, rubbed it against her cheek, and wouldn’t even look through the rest!  she was sold.  her one complaint was that it was too small to be a blanket!

fanfare elephant lounge pants

but now, the wait is over.  Fanfare is out and available for purchase at these shops!  and as a super exciting perk of being buds with Rae, i got a package straight from Cloud9 with bundles of Fanfare for me to sew with.  omigosh guys, this stuff is SOFT.  like ridiculously soft – and upon washing, it only got SOFTER.  the colors are perfect for fall, with mustards and grays and aquas and peachy pinks.  and the elephants (plus the rest of the critters/shapes in the line) are adorable.  i want them all.  oh and by the way, it’s also organic!


i knew right away i wanted to sew up lounge pants for both my kids.  when i find fabric as cute and cozy as this, i just want my little ones to be wrapped up in it and wear it around…and that’s exactly what happened.

fanfare elephant lounge pants

O didn’t take his off for a couple days straight after he put them on!  Em, unfortunately, has to go to school, but changes into hers whenever she can.

fanfare elephant lounge pants

i chose two of the three elephant colorways – pink for Em, and gray for O, and paired them with coordinating confetti for the waistbands and bindings.  the pattern for both is the Oliver + S Bedtime Story Pajamas (pants only), which was one of the very first patterns i ever bought and remains a go to.  so fast to sew and i love the pop of contrast the bindings add.

fanfare elephant lounge pants

Em has actually grown out of my pattern – the smaller range only goes up to a 3T.  it fits her waist but not her height, so i guessed and added 1.5″ to the length and they fit her just right.  O’s are a straight up 2T and a roomy fit on him, mostly because he’s now potty trained (yay!) and doesn’t have a big diapered tush to keep them up.

i put O’s mattress on the floor of his room for these photos, and i’m pretty sure it’s the most fun they’ve ever had in a photoshoot.  trouble was, either she was moving…

fanfare elephant lounge pants

or he was…

fanfare elephant lounge pants

pretty much the whole time.  so we’ll see how much lounging actually gets done in these puppies…apparently “jumping pants” may be a more apt description.

fanfare elephant lounge pants

wish me luck?

thanks so much to Rae and Cloud9 for generously sending this fabric for me to play with, and be sure to follow along as some of my favorite bloggers in blogland show off what they made with Fanfare!  it’s the coziest blog tour ever – get all caught up here.

for Portland locals, Fanfare is available both at Bolt and at Modern Domestic, and for those in Seattle or elsewhere, it’s also available at my lovely sponsor Drygoods Design (in store and online)!  if you can, you should really go touch it and see for yourself – you’ll be sold on the feel as well as the CUTE!  

* * *

PS – the winner of the Sally Dress pattern giveaway is Beverly Clemmer!  congratulations Beverly, let me know if you didn’t get my email.  🙂


18 thoughts on “fanfare for the little ones

  1. Gail says:

    Soooo cute! They’re adorable in their matching elephants. Oscar wears his all the time and now I’m bummed I didn’t make Lila a pair! Softer than a baby’s bum I tell ya.

  2. melissa q. says:

    Oh, those are just the cuddliest! I want a pair…and I want a nap but that’s a different story. That fabric is amazing, looks dreamy. I’m so excited it is out.

  3. girllikethesea says:

    er ma gersh! really cute! Seriously, pink elephants and Em. Huge win! I would really love to get my hands on some of this stuff for PJs. Oddly, I have the bedtime story pattern and have never used it. A friend gave it to me ages ago before I had ever sewn clothes and it scared me. Not so scary anymore….

    Congrats to little man for potty training! Those two kids sure are adorable together

  4. craftinessisnotoptional says:

    I loove these! the little pop of binding is perfect! they look so comfy. and I can attest to the softness! I usually hate washing flannel cause it gets all weird feeling, but this stuff is perfection. Also, I’m jealous of your awesome fabric shopping locally. 😉

  5. Froo & Boo says:

    Oooh, super cute! I usually put my kids in fitted cotton knit pjs, but they always have a hard time putting them on by themselves, especially if they are inside out. These pjs look easy enough for my little one to put on! Is there something wrong with me if I would rather make pjs than help my kids put them on?? 😉

  6. Sarah Watson says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you’re on the fanfare parade. Holy smokes, those pants do look cozy! I can’t wait to get my hands on some fanfare….of course, it’s extremely hot where I live, so maybe it’ll just be eye candy. As always, I love seeing your projects. Keep up the good work!

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