handmade halloween 2014: luke skywalker

the Star Wars obsession hit fast and furious with this kid.

jedi luke skywalker costume

it started with him watching A New Hope with daddy (who had to field a barrage of questions about every little detail of the movie as it played – hilarious) and quickly progressed into checking out books from the library, building Star Wars lego sets, and turning every tubular object in the house into a lightsaber.  his knowledge of the movies is super impressive – i’m pretty familiar with the movies but he already has me beat on some of the details.  

jedi luke skywalker costume

really, his Halloween costume was only a matter of WHICH Star Wars character he was going to be.  he decided on Luke Skywalker, but which Luke??  New Hope Tatooine “muslin pajamas” Luke?  Fighter Pilot “orange jumpsuit” Luke?  At one point he even wanted to be “Luke when he’s dressed up as a Stormtrooper when he rescues Leia!”

jedi luke skywalker costume

any would have been pretty fun to sew, really.

jedi luke skywalker costume

finally he settled on “black Luke from when he rescues Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt” in Return of the Jedi.  here’s a photo.

jedi luke skywalker costume

once he ordered up his Luke, i had a lot of fun bringing it to life.  i dunno, sewing in all black is kind of cathartic – i said it last year too.  black thread in the machine, black in the serger, and you just GO.

jedi luke skywalker costume

first, he and i spray painted a pair of his sister’s old rain boots black.  they were already black but had rainbow polka dots on them.  i just used some all-purpose spray paint i had in the shed so the paint job isn’t going to last, but they’ll work for a night.  i’ve already had to touch them up because he’s been wearing them too often.  haha.

jedi luke skywalker costume

his shirt is an Oliver + S sketchbook shirt with View B’s band collar but View A’s long sleeves, size 2.  the shirt is made true to the pattern for the most part – i just slipped the bib thingie under the left button placket before topstitching it down.  the bib is a rectangle of black with white gauze – interfaced on the inside with three snaps so it can either snap up or down and the normal shirt buttons underneath are completely functional.  he actually likes to wear the bib up even though i always think of Jedi Luke with the white flap down.

jedi luke skywalker costume

i basted the sides of the shirt and tried it on him because i remembered it being pretty boxy and wanted it more slim fitting to work with his slim fitting pants.  i ended up taking each side seam in by 1” (sewed 1/2” in from the original basting line on each side) and love the fit on him.  the fabric i used is american made brand fabric in black, which i got at Bolt.  it’s a pretty crisp cotton to start but softens up after a few washes.

jedi luke skywalker costume

his pants are small fry skinny jeans in a 2T with 3T length (not that you can see the length).  the jeans i made last spring now fit like a dream, so i knew that was the right size to go with.  the material is stretch twill from JoAnn, which was great from a comfort standpoint but didn’t take paint very well on that freezer paper stenciled pocket i made.  oh yeah, that’s the rebel alliance logo!  i drew it.  pretty proud of that detail.  heh.

jedi luke skywalker costume

i skipped flat felling on the pants and just sewed those seams with a 3/4” allowance (the pattern thankfully gives that measurement) then serged them.  i topstitched the seams where it seemed like it’d be a good idea but these didn’t need all the extra jeans topstitching, so that saved time.  i used some awesome Lizzy House constellations fabric on the inside waistband and closed the half fly with a snap.  i didn’t have any buttonhole elastic, so i did an elastic waistband only in the back (that’s not in the pattern instructions but have done it a million times on Oliver + S patterns).

jedi luke skywalker costume

if i’ve learned anything from how much his film petit outfits remain in rotation, this boy loves to wear costumes as everyday wear, so i made these both “real” clothes that he can mix and match with other things.  the pants look great with just a t-shirt on top, and the shirt would look cute with shorts and the sleeves rolled up.

jedi luke skywalker costume

he’s beyond thrilled with the whole costume and he’s gonna flip when he sees the glowing green foam lightsaber we ordered for him to trick or treat with.  this lightsaber is his cousins’, who are a few years older than him and more than happy to encourage his Star Wars obsession.

jedi luke skywalker costume

i would be a bad blogger if i didn’t give a big shout out to Ari over at Max California and her very cool son in his Luke costume which was a major inspiration for me.  i definitely showed her post to O before i started sewing, and he approved.

jedi luke skywalker costume

Ari and Kat at Sew Chibi are currently running a rad series called Sew Geeky and October’s theme is Geek Spectacular, I’m gonna go ahead and throw my little Luke into their Sarlac Pit of Awesome this month, finally!  SUCH a fun series to follow along with.  check it out!

Sew Geeky Series

18 thoughts on “handmade halloween 2014: luke skywalker

  1. Brooke says:

    I love how he thinks. And how specific he is in his version of Luke! And now I’m thinking I should have made some SFSJ for my pants. Yours are so legit! I took the lazy way out for that detail. 🙂 now my O just has one thing to say- “Luke, I am your father!” Hehe.

  2. girllikethesea says:

    This all turned out so good! Love the fit of it all, and how much like a little man he looks like in all black. Even half of his face is adorb too

  3. jennifer says:

    O’s costume is AWESOME! There is no mistaking who he is. and I love the pocket detail. I know my husband would have loved to wear this when he was little. The jeans look store bought!

  4. Melissa Q. says:

    This is awesome! You are such a good mama….I caved under the pressure (it has to look REAL! It has to be just like the brand-name thing!) and we bought costumes. Loser mama! I love that you made the clothes wearable, my boys will also re-wear costumes so it’s so handy to do that!

  5. rachel says:

    great costume, kristin! jude knew exactly which luke that was, as a fellow star wars obsessee himself. he knows waaaay more about it than me. i actually don’t like watching movies. even when i was a kid, i never did. i know – so weird. there are always so many other things i’d rather be doing. i have no explanation… 🙂

  6. sewchibi says:

    It really came out GREAT, Kristin! I love all the little details! Azy wore her vinyl imperial red guard dress to school yesterday! The force must have been strong with the kiddos of Portland!

    • kristin says:

      thanks girl! wouldn’t that have been fun to get all star wars kids in portland together? OMG i saw an adult “sexy Leia” out trick or treating with her kids. hilarious.

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