handmade halloween 2013 : spider-man & skeleton fairy


i ran out of days in the week to post these separately, so you get a double dose of Halloween costumes here on the blog today.  mostly photos, less talking, since i’ve previewed both already.  but now – they’re done!

presenting skeleton fairy and Spider-Man!

spider-man and skeleton fairy costumes


spider-man and skeleton fairy costumes

okay who’s first…um….let’s go with skeleton fairy.

skeleton fairy costume

Em is normally such a little sweetie pie, but she really embraces the spooooookiness of Halloween.  initial “pink princess” and “pink fairy” costume plans suddenly turned macabre after i bought her some skeleton pajamas, and her idea of a skeleton fairy emerged.

skeleton fairy costume

i posted about her skeleton suit here; it’s a flashback skinny tee and sunki leggings with freezer paper stencils that glow.

skeleton fairy costume

her tutu i posted about here, from little things to sew (affiliate link).

skeleton fairy costume

…with the awesome ribbon.  can i admit i really enjoyed sewing in only black and white for her?  it was totally refreshing!

skeleton fairy costume

her wings and glitter wand are from party city (somewhat ironically, they’re “angel wings”).  and her fairy crown is loosely based on the one from aesthetic nest (thanks for the suggestion!).

skeleton fairy costume

the make up was all her idea – she asked for a white face with black eyes, a black nose, and black around her mouth. i went and got some glitter eyeshadow to sparkle her up a bit more for Halloween itself.  this was a trial run.

skeleton fairy costume

she totally gets into character in this costume – slightly freaky but pretty cute too.

and now….Spider-Man!

spider-man costume

this one all started with the felt mask from Jess, part of a superhero set she gave O.  he hadn’t really been into much of the superhero thing until he got those masks, and then declared he wanted to be Spider-Man for Halloween.

spider-man costume

happy to oblige, buddy.

spider-man costume

his shirt is a hacked bimaa hoodie with freezer paper stenciled spider and drawn-on webs.  i talked about it more here.

spider-man costume

i ended up adding a drawstring to the hood, because it was pretty huge on him.  when i first sewed the hood on, he was so upset about it, he said he didn’t want to wear it!  so i sat him down with some classic ‘60s Spider-Man episodes on YouTube to show him that the real Spider-Man ALWAYS wears a hood, otherwise he’s just Peter Parker!

he was sold.  now my kids are addicted to watching classic Spider-Man, which is admittedly hilarious.  and i’m addicted to the meme (often NSFW…but this one’s my favorite i think).

spider-man costume

anyway, every time we’ve let him wear this hoodie, it’s a fight to get it off so it’s not ruined by a meal/playing outside/pumpkin carving before the big day.  i’m sure once Halloween is over, he won’t want to wear anything else, but that’s okay – i made it out of “real fabric” and ended up finishing all the hems, so it should last.

spider-man costume

i’m most proud of the color blocking at the shoulders.

spider-man costume

i actually realized at the last minute (post photoshoot) that he didn’t have a treat bag, so i whipped one up out of felt with classic Spider-Man’s back logo on it.  it’s got just 6 legs and looks more like a fat potato bug, but hey, whatever ‘60s.

spider-man costume

i’ve got two pumped up, fully costumed kids…

spider-man and skeleton fairy costumes



29 thoughts on “handmade halloween 2013 : spider-man & skeleton fairy

  1. jennifer says:

    oh my god, they are sooo cute! I LOVE both of them!!!!!! His little hooded/masked face is too much! And a skeleton fairy??? The coolest!! I think Ava would loooove that. The costumes look so good Kristen:)

  2. Kelly says:

    Kristin these are both amazing!! And skeleton fairy is soooooo spooky 🙂 I love all of the details, you did such a great job!

  3. rachel says:

    i love it all so much! i love the pictures (that first one! gah!) i love the costumes! they are a m a z i n g. reading your description of O reminded me so much of jude and indigo when they were 4 and 2. i made them a cat and dinosaur (ahem, fire breathing dragon) costume. they both lived in those costumes. it was hard to get them to take them off for laundry time. that time was so magical and so far neither indigo at 4, nor tia at 2-4 have been into costumes in that same way.

  4. carolyn says:

    Okay, these costumes are just fantastic! Look at spider-man go! And I love that Em brought out her inner spooky side! She looks great in these photos!
    (and I know that I’m late to comment on this – but nice job on the anatomically correct bones!! 🙂

  5. Jessica Lance Christian says:

    dude. DUDE. I adore both your kids choices, especially Em’s-and her pics are the best. ever. She totally got into her character/costume! and O is sooo adorbs in his spidey costume. I mean scary/intimidating. and awesome. 😉

  6. gail says:

    pretty much awesome! i love that Em went black and white this year – skeleton fairy is brilliant! i love the hand drawn webbing on Spiderman…and how happy he is with his costume 🙂 have fun tonight!!!

  7. Jeifner says:

    Oh good! I thought the aesthetic nest crown tute was a good one S it’s a jumping off long for so many fun ideas. Em’s looks great! The bones and face with the tutu and grace are wonderful. And that hand drawn webbing is perfect! They look great!

  8. girllikethesea says:

    love it all! you did great, mama. He’s going to be rocking that hoodie all over the place now. I hope your sweet girly girl wants to wear her awesome black tutu after the holiday is over!

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