striped maternity pencil skirt

sometimes the quickest, easiest sewing projects are the most satisfying, ya know?

take, for example, this skirt.

striped maternity pencil skirt

two pieces to cut out, sew together, hem, and thread elastic through at the top.

striped maternity pencil skirt

the parts that took longest were threading my double needle and matching the stripes on the sides (which shifted on me a bit anyway, meh).  it was a “one naptime” sew, AWESOME for adult clothes!

striped maternity pencil skirt

this little pencil skirt is now one of my favorite things i’ve sewn for myself.  it’s super comfy, actually fun to walk in, and a great piece to make me feel “prettier” during pregnancy, when sometimes it’s easy to feel like i’m losing that a little each week.

the fabric is a ponte knit from fabric depot, which you can find online here.  the pattern is megan nielsen’s ruched maternity skirt (which i didn’t ruche…didn’t seem to need it).  it was a gift from a friend but now appears to be sold out everywhere online available as a PDF!  yay!

striped maternity pencil skirt

the cut of the pattern is so cool – the shapes look kinda crazy on paper (definitely NOT rectangles) but it makes the skirt hug the right spots and stay straight at others, and the belly coverage doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic like maternity panels usually do.  i just wish i had more occasions to wear this skirt, but i’m thinking with the holiday events coming up, it won’t be a problem.

i made a large even though i measured somewhere between small and medium, because i’d seen a few versions that looked a bit tight for my taste. i wanted it to feel relaxed enough to remain comfortable, which it totally is…plus i get a pretty big belly and need it to last (i was 22 weeks in these photos, taken a couple weeks ago by my husband).

striped maternity pencil skirt

i gain confidence with every new thing i successfully make for myself…and it’s addictive!  i want to keep it up.  it might be that maternity sewing is more like kid sewing – sort of temporary since i’m “still growing” and i feel more free to mess around, maybe?  🙂


48 thoughts on “striped maternity pencil skirt

  1. Cherie says:

    Is it just me or do we rarely see you with your hair down like this? You look gorgeous!!! Love the skirt. It’s not a style I’d normally wear but you’re totally making me wish I’d made something like this for myself! Very stylish but still comfy? Win! 🙂

  2. smallfriendly says:

    Oh I love it! That has been on my maternity to sew list for a few weeks now! Here’s hoping that pattern pops up or I’ll have to attempt a DIY!

  3. Abby says:

    Kristin you look so cute! And I love the skirt, I may need to make one for myself. I love that the top goes over the belly rather than under, looks so comfy!

    • kristin says:

      Thanks, Abby! It is! And like I said, I don’t typically like a full panel, but I think because the skirt cuts down in the back a bit, it’s not up around my shoulder blades suffocating me. 😉

  4. Andrea says:

    Pretty lady! This reminds me of a skirt Mom wore (red stripes) when we were younger. Looks so cozy- great it’ll stretch as he grows.

  5. Kelly says:

    You look so pretty!! I love this skirt, totally my style. You could wear this anywhere, it would look totally cute with boots too (but how cute are your shoes here?? Love.) Megan has some really cool maternity patterns, if I were pregnant again I would make them all!

    • kristin says:

      Aw thank you! And yes, she does – I think the first time I heard about Megan was because of her wrap top tutorial, I love what she’s done for maternity sewing.

  6. Kate S. says:

    the skirt looks great! I had the same experience where I sewed myself a bunch of maternity tops when normally I don’t motivate to sew clothes for myself – I agree, I think it was partly that it felt like less of a commitment since I knew I’d be done with them shortly, so I didn’t worry as much if I’d like them or if they’d be perfectly sewn. Also having a deadline helped, I knew I wanted to sew maternity clothes and I had to do it before I didn’t need them anymore! Also it helped that I was super tired of the maternity clothes that I did have by that point.

  7. rachel says:

    first of all, you look STUNNING. second, this is so my style. this is my favorite thing that you’ve made for yourself. it’s pretty much my uniform – a skirt, tank top/t, and a cardigan. i switched it up for awhile with shorts this summer, but this skirt-tank-cardi combo has pretty much been it for me for the last (almost) decade. i love this. i love that the stripes run horizontally. it looks great on you! you’re glowing. (and the light is gorgeous, too!)

  8. Anna Graham says:

    you’re just the cutest ever. seriously so cute. The skirt looks ultimately comfy. And I agree, the lighting in these pics is just beautiful. Thanks for the links to the fabrics, one of these days I’m going shopping in person for goodies like that. 🙂

  9. Adrianna says:

    I didn’t even recognize you with your hair down at first! You’re such a gorgeous lady, pregnant and not 🙂 I don’t know about that skirt though – I’m not sure I can get behind something that’s knit with stripes… 😉 (kidding. I obvs adore this!)

  10. delia says:

    Are you just the cutest thing ever! You look beautiful. I love how you styled the skirt too. I have a tutorial for a maternity skirt for when you’re further along. It has a yoga waistband and an ever so slightly gathered, extended top. I wore that thing so much at the end because pants felt so bothersome!

  11. Cindy says:

    Kristin, You look fabulous! I love your outfit.:) I wish the Meg Nielsen patterns had been around when I was pregnant…I would have loved to sew (and wear!) them.

  12. Heather Englund (@FitMamaRealFood) says:

    Such a cute skirt! I so need one of these. I think we’re due close together (I’m due feb 18), so keep on making cute stuff like this and hopefully one of these days I’ll make something for myself too 🙂 Oh, is Fabric Depot only a PDX place? If so we live close! I’m just over the bridge in Vancouver. Found you via CINO!

    • kristin says:

      yay we are close! i popped a week early with the other two so i’m hoping that happens again and i’m more like mid-february – we’ll see! and yes, fabric depot just has one brick and mortar store in portland, on SE 122nd and Stark. not too bad if you come down on the 205 side, i’d imagine? 🙂

      glad you found me, thanks CINO!

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