kcw fall 2013: day 2:: skeleton suit

here’s my KCW progress for today – and hey, you even get some modeled shots!  spooky.

skeleton suit

to start off Em’s skeleton fairy costume, i made a simple shirt and leggings combo out of black jersey knit with freezer paper stenciled bones (see Dana’s tutorial here – i use a foam brush and blot it on rather than brushing).  as i mentioned in my last post, i’d recently gotten Em some skeleton pajamas but she wanted BLACK ones for her costume, hence the making.

i traced the pajamas, added a couple more vertebrae just to cover a bit more of the shirt, lengthened the femurs a bit so the joint hits at her knee, and added a split in the forearm bones, because i’m anal enough to need the costume to be slightly more anatomically correct than the pajamas.


skeleton suit

i painted the bones first with white, then with two coats of glow fabric paint (affiliate link).  it does really glow, but not as brightly as the pajamas.  the freezer paper didn’t come off as cleanly as usual either – i think the glow paint sort of shellacked it on there.  oh well.

skeleton suit

the shirt is Rae’s flashback skinny tee in 4T.  it’s unhemmed because a) i wanted her to try it on 2) i’m kinda lazy and D) i like the way the raw edges look.

skeleton suit

the leggings were originally sunki leggings, but i long ago modified my pattern tracing to be just one piece rather than a front and back.  i also added length and sewed them up like Go To Leggings (affiliate link), because the Go To waistband attachment method is totally genius and pro.

skeleton suit

her batman mask was made by CINO and isn’t part of the costume.  more on that later (i know i keep saying that!).  i don’t want to spoil the entire costume reveal though, so you just get bits at a time (and with random accessories).

an unexpected sewing emergency (commission project deadline i thought was next week but got moved to NOW) popped up on me, so this is all i got done today, KCW-wise.  we’ll see what tomorrow holds…

kid's clothes week

16 thoughts on “kcw fall 2013: day 2:: skeleton suit

  1. Andrea says:

    The best part about this costume is that it’s long-sleeved and pants! Such a practical choice for a chilly October evening of trick-or-treating. I am so excited to see how the fairy elements will be added! 🙂 Hope you’re able to finish your other project on time.

  2. Carla Marques says:

    Uau, that is awseome.
    My daugther freaks out about halloween, she hates skeletons and vampires. I guess it’s because in Portugal it is not a big tradition, and spooky caracters are actually spooky and not fun at all. 😦
    This outfit however, is so much fun 🙂

  3. Lori says:

    Made one of these once too with glow in the dark paint. However I used a paperplate skeleton my son had made for the boney part of the design-a little less elegant but classically Halloween-Boo!! Love your posts!!

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