shark pants!

look out, it’s a shark!

shark pants

haha just kidding they’re only shark pants.  cozy cozy shark pants.

shark pants

our kids and the neighbor kids have become great friends this year, and i thought it’d be fun to make their littler guy some cozy pants for his third birthday.  my kids are little, so he and O are just about the same size – which made things easy on me!

it’s actually been a few months but i’m pretty sure i made a 4 (based on the size tag which i sharpied on in a macabre blood red ink).

shark pants

the pattern is the mini hudson pant by true bias.  they’re so cute on kids, i can vouch for their comfiness because i wear mine constantly, and after seeing my nephew borrow my daughter’s mini hudsons when we were out of town one weekend, i actually made a pair for HIS birthday too!  they look just like these except no shark but with red piping on the outside seams (he’s way into the Portland Trail Blazers and made that request).

shark pants

fabric is black french terry from  it doesn’t look like they still have it – the one i got was light and didn’t have much loop on the underside.  i used natural cording for the waist tie here (seemed nautical) and because the french terry didn’t have much stretch, i used stretchy gray baby rib knit for the ankle cuffs for easy on-off.

the shark (neighbor buddy’s spirit animal) is a freezer paper stencil that i hand-drew based on a google image search.  i actually tried to layer glow fabric paint with white but it got super messy and i had to recut that front leg and do white only.  glow graphics would be so fun though!

shark pants

it’s fun to make kids clothes that really go with their personalities and interests, you know?  clothes just for them.  poor O though, he modeled these but doesn’t have any mini hudsons of his own!  i should have him pick out fabric and make some as fall approaches.

his would probably be star wars related.


7 thoughts on “shark pants!

  1. Brooke says:

    Oh man these are so cute and comfy looking. I love every pair of these mini hudsons I see. Once fall hits I’m so buying the pattern and making the boys some. Can you get on that Star Wars pair so I don’t have to expend any mental energy and can just copy yours?;)

  2. Lightning McStitch says:

    Just in time for a Mick Fanning impersonation! (don’t look that up on YouTube if you’re scared of sharks, but it does end well thank goodness!)
    Very cool pants. I tried some paint mixing with different paint types recently and it kind of curdled :0 disastrous!
    Your stencil is perfect though. Can you outfit the whole family in Hudsons?!

  3. rachel says:

    I’m loving Shelley’s suggestion to outfit the whole family in Hudsons. And then take a family photo. I’m totally envisioning something Awkward Family Photo worthy.

    You are incredibly generous about sewing for other people. I always feel like I can’t keep up on the sewing for my own kids that I don’t have the time or energy to make something for other people. I have wanted to make a wholecloth quilt for my midwife who delivered Hazel all year. I asked if she would attend the birth thinking they got paid per birth, when actually I later found out they are on salary. So she did it for free basically. But I have had the hardest time motivating myself to make it. I’m going to force myself to do it by my 1 year check up – which is now only a couple of weeks away. Gotta get to it.

    Oh and these pants are awesome! Lucky neighbor kid!

  4. hungie gungie says:

    These are so cool! I love that shark. And another vote for the family mini Hudson pic. Tee hee! Oh- I have to tell you that I was got lost in your Archives today. I rememberd you had used Sherpa fleece in a post (I have it in mind for a jacket for G) and I found the nanook hoodie cape! Dude, that is one of my favorite posts of yours. IT’S TOO GOOD! Thank you for the inspiration- as always. xo -E

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