wild & free mini hudson pants

everyone deserves a pair of comfy pants!  comfy pants for all!

woven path mini hudson pants // skirt as top

in september i emailed Kelli with a crewcuts link i’d found, suggesting that a kid version of her hudson pants pattern would be super rad.  she wrote back saying it was actually already in the works, and now here we are!  mini hudson pants!

the pattern runs from size 2T to 10, and is unisex.  if you don’t believe me on the unisex part, the blog tour proves it!  check out Celina’s for her wolf boy – soooo cool.

woven path mini hudson pants // skirt as top

i made a pair for E, whose legs have been growing so fast she needs all sorts of pants.  hudson pants take a bit more time than a basic legging, but are still a quick “one-evening” sew, especially for me since this is my third pair (two for me, one for her!).  i made a size 5 and they’re a bit loose in the waist and long on her, which is just what i wanted.

the sewing is straightforward and the only tricky part to me is the topstitching over elastic – the pattern calls for a zigzag stitch but i straight stitched both of my hudson pant elastics with a walking foot and it hasn’t snapped, so i used that here too while pulling the elastic a bit.  practicing on the kid version might be a good idea if you’re nervous to sew adult ones.

woven path mini hudson pants // skirt as top

the fabric is Maureen Cracknell’s new line for Art Gallery that debuted at Quilt Market last fall – Wild & Free.  i actually got to make a dress for Maureen out of this great knit print that she wore at Quilt Market – pretty much a huge exciting honor for me!  you can see a peek of the dress here if you’re curious.  the print is called “woven path” and it’s available here online, among other places.  after i made these, i did a search and saw a couple grown-up versions in this exact fabric in the #hudsonpants tag on instagram!

Maureen/Art Gallery sent way more fabric than i needed and i’ve been waiting for just the right project to use it again.  Art Gallery jersey knits are pricey, but i’ve found them to be super easy to sew with, soft, a great weight, and hold up to washing…the good stuff.  i sewed most of these pants on my serger except for the pocket details, waistband topstitching, and button holes for the drawstring, which i did on my machine.

woven path mini hudson pants // skirt as top

i upcycled an Old Navy tank top for a happy little pocket contrast.

woven path mini hudson pants // skirt as top

though both of my own hudson pants have been solids, i love seeing hers in print (and in a lighter weight fabric).  doesn’t she just look so comfy and ready to play/lounge?

woven path mini hudson pants // skirt as top

i wish i could say i knitted her sweater, but my skillz aren’t nearly that advanced – it was an after-Christmas GAP sale rack find.  😉

woven path mini hudson pants // skirt as top

i’m looking forward to making some of these pants for my little guys sometime soon!  check out my friend and blog tour partner Delia’s great version on her older boy today – Delia recently moved to the Pacific Northwest too, and it’s fun for me to now see familiar scenes (trees, the Puget Sound) in her posts, as well as a generally “slouchier” aesthetic (go visit her, you’ll see what I mean).

woven path mini hudson pants // skirt as top

here’s a link to the whole mini hudson blog hop and related posts, and you can get your mini hudson pant pattern HERE!  oh and you can check out my grown up hudson pants here and here, if you missed them.

thanks for having me on the tour, Kelli!


*disclosure: i received the mini hudson pant pattern at no cost in exchange for participating in the blog tour.

** photo idea inspiration credit for that very first pic up there goes to Anna – i’ve been wanting to mimic that shot of hers for ages.


24 thoughts on “wild & free mini hudson pants

  1. Anna Graham says:

    oh my gosh, I adore these pants so much it hurts!!! they look soooo comfy and beautiful! I’ve been trying to convince my girls that I should make them these pants, I’ll show them yours. So awesome!!!!

  2. Monica says:

    Oh, I love these photos! Such beautiful light… And that pose with her little toes in the air…ahhhh! I agree with art gallery fabrics, worth the extra money because they are a dream to sew with and hold up well. I can find cheaper knits, and they make for a fun and cute blog post, but the clothes don’t translate well to real-wear. Thin and pilly…blah. That gap sweater is perfect with these pants, too!

  3. Rachel says:

    these are awesome! I love the bright neon pocket! And iris has that same sweater but in a pale rose color. I’ve been really impressed with how it’s holding up. I have to agree with a previous commenter that I think paying extra for quality knits is worth it.

  4. Kelly says:

    These are great pants for kids (and grownups!). I think we all need a few pair of Hudsons in our life 🙂 I need to make some for Sophia- she hates wearing jeans but I feel like maybe she’s getting to an age where leggings as pants are not as appropriate anymore? These would be perfect. Nice work as always, and that first shot is so great 🙂

  5. Melissa Q. says:

    These photos! You and Celina are killing it with awesome photos inside. Wow. I love these pants, they looks so comfy and kid-like but not overly childish. Perfect balance. I gotta get my hands on that pattern, this is exactly the kind of pant my kids love to wear every day.

  6. girllikethesea says:

    I’m sort of annoyed that you’ve basically convinced me to jump off the current “no kid pattern buying” wagon I’m on. Why did you have to make them so cute?

  7. lisa g says:

    These are sooo cute! Loving all the mini-huds. Can’t wait to make some for my kiddos too! (p.s. just yesterday I was wearing an after x-mas special GAP sweater with my own hudson pants… clearly your daughter has great taste ;-))

  8. gail says:

    i saw this fabric at the depot this morning, it’s such a great print, and the art gallery knits really are wonderful! adorable little pants, perfect fabric, YAY!!!!

  9. Diana says:

    These turned out great! The print is amazing and I love the yellow trim on the pocket… Such a wonderful detail! I was in doubt with purchasing this pattern, but this settled my mind. I just placed my order, and can’t wait to get started! Congratulations on an amazing job!

  10. lucinda says:

    how perfect are these?! love the yellow pop of color against that great print. and I totally agree with your summary of AG knits: pricey but SO worth it! and I bought the exact same Gap sweater for my middle child too this Christmas:)

  11. bobbi says:

    They’re very pretty. I should make something like this for myself, I need comfortable clothing to lounge in. The yellow touch on the pockets is a super smart and fun choice.

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