an orange unicorn dress

at the same time i made CINO Jess her purse, I made her daughter Sadie a dress for HER birthday and mailed them off together.

orange unicorn roller skate dress // skirt as top

it was painfully late – Sadie’s birthday was in August and i sent the dress in November.  LATE November.  the problem is, CINO is one of the best gifters you’ll ever meet, and i always feel the need to put together amazing gifts in return (which inevitably leads to procrastination on my part *cringe*).  Jess made E a beautiful Heather Ross lulu dress for her birthday in May when she and Sadie came to visit, plus brought a gift for O and cookies and decorations for the Frozen party…anything i did would feel inadequate, but I had to try anyway.

orange unicorn roller skate dress // skirt as top

i made her an Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress, a simple design but such a cute fit, and it’s a perfect dress to show off a print.  E and Sadie are almost exactly the same size and seem to have growth spurts at the same times, so i just sewed what fit E and knew it’d probably work.  so this is a 5 and i believe i added a little length to it, probably to the 6.  that’s my typical adjustment these days.  helps when E can model for me, ha!

orange unicorn roller skate dress // skirt as top

yeah i took these photos in November.  it was still fall then.

orange unicorn roller skate dress // skirt as top

the fabric is red-orange unicorns from Heather Ross’ Far Far Away – the re-release.  i got this fabric at Fabric Depot but it’s not available online there – though it is available over at my sponsor LiMa’s shop – she has a bunch of the prints!  it’s quilting cotton but super soft and works well for apparel.  Heather always seems win at  having her designs printed on the best base material.

orange unicorn roller skate dress // skirt as top

i lined it with a thrifted vintage sheet.  also very soft, duh.

orange unicorn roller skate dress // skirt as top

this button came from another sewing pal i met on the internetz and then in real life – Kelly!

orange unicorn roller skate dress // skirt as top

it’s a fun, bright dress and E wanted to keep it.  but she was happy to send it to her buddy Sadie too.

orange unicorn roller skate dress // skirt as top

orange unicorn roller skate dress // skirt as top

i really need to make E another one of these dresses!  i’ve got a pretty substantial quilting cotton stash and the more she grows, the fewer dress options i have!  ridiculous!

10 thoughts on “an orange unicorn dress

  1. Anna says:

    it’s so pretty!!! those unicorns on orange are my all time fave, probably because I love orange. The pics are stunning! All the colors just pop!

  2. jennifer says:

    I looove it!! I still have all my original double gauze far far and away! I need to sell some of it… anyway, I love this dress so much. Did it make it heavy being lined? I know it’s supposed to be but I’ve always wondered if it makes it too structured. I and I really love the closer-up shots. I like being able to see details that maybe I didn’t know where there and maybe now it makes me want to sew that!

  3. rachel says:

    aw, i have made two unicorn dresses – both in the o + s bubble dress pattern, so this fabric collection is so special to me. and really, kristin, could there be a better gift giver than you? it’s unimaginable to me! 🙂

  4. Erin says:

    It’s so sweet! What a nice friend you are! I love the print paired with Em’s blue tights. 🙂 I just sewed something with my first ever heather ross fabric. There is definitely something special about her designs!

  5. naptimecreationsemily says:

    that dress is adorable… and so simple too. I love that’s lined.. will have to look into getting this one!

  6. Kerrie says:

    It’s really cute! I love the lining…perfect!
    I’m sure she loved it.
    We are known for giving late gifts(mostly with the nephews)…but hey, it just extends the celebration….and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a surprise give, on time or late!

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