sonora jacquard pillow

Pendleton Woolen Mills, a 150 year old family-owned Oregon company, seems to be having a real moment right now.  i’ve seen the fabric recently in all the cool shops around town as pillows and recovering vintage couches/chairs, and it’s all over the blogs in ponchos and purses and in this book (affiliate link), of course.  so after drooling over one too many super awesome Pendleton wool creations, i finally listened to the universe and got some to make my own.

sonora pillow // skirt as top

i’d gone into the retail store (on SE McLoughlin) a few times, gotten overwhelmed, and left empty-handed.  just too much amazing fabric plus a pretty high price point (this wool is over $80/yd normally).  but on my most recent trip, i got a half yard sonora jacquard wool plus a couple apparel fabrics (on sale!) and forced myself to sew this into a pillow right away, rather than let it languish forever in my stash.  it only took a half hour to make!

sonora pillow // skirt as top

sonora pillow // skirt as top

i cut two 19” squares, centering the design as best i could, and then used sew katie did’s tutorial to add an invisible zipper.  the invisible zipper i had on hand was only 14” but i was able to shove the down insert into it with only minimal wrestling.  i like a fuller pillow, so i matched the fabric squares to the insert size and let the seam allowance bring it in a bit for me.

sonora pillow // skirt as top

the wool was really fun to sew, actually – quite thick (they have looms at the Pendleton store so you can see how it’s woven, and it’s so impressive) but it sewed easily.  i serged all four sides before sewing the pillow together so there wouldn’t be any chance of unraveling.

sonora pillow // skirt as top

the pillow won’t live on our bed permanently; it’ll go on the basement couch.  but being a basement, the lighting isn’t really blogworthy.  plus i wanted to take some pix to document our new Isaac Sconces, our 11th wedding anniversary present to ourselves (ELEVEN YEARS OMG).  we also commissioned some new art by O up on the wall there because potato head cyclops drawings by four year olds are the best.  🙂

sonora pillow // skirt as top

my husband and i have been slowly collecting pieces (mostly lighting and accessories) from Schoolhouse Electric here and there over the years.  the stuff they sell is high quality and really cool.  the store here in town is one of the most inspiring places for me to visit – i just love the atmosphere, even if i can’t buy much (also, it’s attached to both a coffee shop and a florist – smells like heaven in there).  we both shopped for each other there at Christmas, and very nearly gave each other the same present!  it’s nice to have a very similar style as a couple – it feels kind of impossible to do the whole “minimalist decor” thing with little kids underfoot, but at least in our bedroom we can try.

sonora pillow // skirt as top

peaceful oasis and all that.


32 thoughts on “sonora jacquard pillow

  1. sweetkmblog says:

    Very impressive invisible zipper pattern matching. Love the color scheme too, the lights/wall color/pendelton seem meant to be together. I’m feeling a little sorry for the pillow having to go to the basement. 🙂

    • kristin says:

      thanks kristi! the basement is an okay place for it too, hehe. plus a really rad pillow already lives on our bed, made by my buddy jess (i think she got tendonitis pebble quilting it). 🙂

  2. Jane says:

    Love that wool!! Love the colors and pattern, So so pretty! Had to laugh at the squeezing the pillow into a tiny invisible zipper space…been there! 😉 (and hey lookie that we posted pillows on the same day 😉 ) Those sconces are beautiful! We currently have small lamps on each side of the bed and they are always getting in the way…I’m not sure why I never considered sconces…perhaps because that would involve measuring and drilling etc….haha! Oh and of course…O’s artwork is perfect! 🙂

    • kristin says:

      thanks jane! yeah that was our main objective – to clear off the bedside table space, well that and the awesome sconces. the measuring and drilling wasn’t even too bad! my husband typically hates doing that (getting things even is the worst) but he did a great job with these. 😉

    • kristin says:

      haha! close, i was 22. and you know how blog pics are – O was running around yelling in the other room and C was probably trying to eat a sticker someone left on the floor. ;P

    • kristin says:

      such a good combo, eh? gotta love companies that really take pride in their design/craftsmanship and are local to boot. i’m willing to pay a little more for that!

  3. Kelly says:

    Oooooo, that is awesome. Great use of Pendleton, I should make some- our current couch pillows are kind of trashed. I sort of want to cover our whole couch in it, ha!

    • kristin says:

      i didn’t know either until pretty recently! the store is near my favorite apparel fabric store but i had never gone in – didn’t even realize what i’d been missing.

    • kristin says:

      haha thanks shelley! our basement is finished and it’s our evening hang out space, so it’s not like it’s going to some dark dank dungeon or anything. it looks cool there too.

  4. Anna Graham says:

    gorgeous yummy pillow! and your room looks amazing! Someday I’ll have white woodwork. And a dark focal wall, too. I love those lamps! And congrats on 11 years, that’s way cool. High five to you both!

  5. Anna says:

    Hi Kristin! I absolutely love the pillow you made! I also love the dark color of that accent wall! Do you know what the paint brand/color is? Thanks!

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