bento tee in stripes

ALRIGHT!  i was kind of on a roll with sewing some clothes for myself through the summer, but got sidetracked with kid sewing this fall.  that’s cool, it was fun and all, but the seasons have changed and i’ve got a bunch of things i want to make myself.  i started quick and easy, with this shirt.

stripey bento tee // skirt as top

this is one of the new Liesl + Co. patterns, the Bento Tee.  i tested the kid version of this pattern (the Lunchbox Tee, which comes with culottes), and the shirt I made is actually shown in the pattern introduction post – on Miss S herself!  what a thrill!  anyway, Oliver + S pattern testing is a pretty sweet gig – they pay their pattern testers and offer them a pattern of their choice, so i picked the Bento Tee.

i figured it’d be the pattern i’d be most likely to sew over and over.

stripey bento tee // skirt as top

i made a small and scooped the neck about an inch more; for me a drapey top needs a lower neckline.  i really like the amount of drape in this tee though – it skims the body but isn’t overly voluminous.  also, very comfortable!

stripey bento tee // skirt as top

the sleeve is cuffed and cuff is folded up and then hand tacked down.  the fabric i was working with was a soft and loose sweater knit and doesn’t really like to stay put, but i do love wearing it!  it’s from Mill End of course.  i only got a yard, or i probably would’ve made the long sleeved version for cooler weather ahead.

stripey bento tee // skirt as top

i used strips of lightweight fusible interfacing on the shoulder seams to stabilize them (as instructed in the pattern), and sewed the whole thing with my serger.  i left my knife engaged while i sewed the neckband and probably shouldn’t have; the neckband ended up pretty narrow.  i didn’t hem the shirt either.  i’m only 5’4” and the length is just right for me without hemming, so if you’re taller you may want to add some length (or crop it for kicks!).

stripey bento tee // skirt as top

i made this top in a naptime and most of the time was spent fiddling with my fabric and matching side stripes.  it’s a quick one!

now to decide what to make next – a Linden, maybe?  still working up the nerve to tackle jeans.



14 thoughts on “bento tee in stripes

  1. Emily C says:

    That looks so cute! I was hesitant about that pattern, I usually like my tees kinda fitted, but that looks great on you! Now I am tempted…

  2. rachel says:

    Oh Kristin you’re so dang cute! Hats off to Oliver + S for paying their testers. And I have to tell you – again! – that you and I have the exact same style! You always make me want to sew for myself. I gained 40 lbs this pregnancy, lost 20 immediately, but have been holding there for the last 12 weeks. I usually start to lose weight between 3-6 mo postpartum, but I’m a little older now and wondering how that’ll all shake out. I haven’t wanted to invest the time and money yet in self sewing if I’m going to lose the weight soon. So I am currently getting by on a very limited wardrobe. :/

  3. Kelly says:

    Ooooo, super cute! I really like this, originally this pattern didn’t really speak to me but I may have to take another look. I like where you said you were sidetracked by kids sewing- I love your kid stuff but I get even more excited to see what you are sewing for yourself! 😉

  4. Inder says:

    Dang, this is such a cute top!! I think you may have sold me on the pattern, especially with your modification to the neckline (I am just not that into higher necklines on me). Stripes! I love it! And wow, that was your t-shirt on the famous Miss S!? That is sewing-blog fame right there.

  5. Erin says:

    Another great shirt, K! You have really hit your lady-sewing stride… I love what you make for yourself. You are totally inspiring me to sew for myself more- I am cutting out a lane raglan tonight, AND possibly a califaye voila. :::fist bump:::

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