sewing by E: a lazy days skirt

E sewed herself a skirt!

lotus pond lazy day skirt // skirt as top

she had asked me if we could sew something together, and i suggested that she try the same thing i first made – a lazy days skirt!  free pattern, always cute, not too complicated, fun to sew.

lotus pond lazy day skirt // skirt as top

i’ve decided to use the Elsa-obsession to my advantage – it has opened her up to the color blue!  we actually started this project back in the summer and only finished it recently so i can’t remember exactly how the fabric/ribbon selection went down, but i’m pretty sure she had Frozen on the brain.

lotus pond lazy day skirt // skirt as top

the fabric is from Rae’s Lotus Pond line for Cloud9 – i got it from them when the fabric was released but hadn’t sewn with this cut yet.  it’s available online here.  did you see that Rae is going to be releasing a line of adorably printed corduroy soon, called Small World?  i can’t wait!

lotus pond lazy day skirt // skirt as top

i had a lot of fun sewing with E, it was nice to slow down and help her learn.  i did the cutting and ironing (and the elastic waistband), she did the pinning and actual sewing.  she gets so cute when she gets to do “grown up” stuff with me, she takes it very seriously and always tries very hard.  we kept sewing sessions to short bursts because the going was slow and the focus was intense, and it stalled out for a few months, but we were both excited to wrap it up so she could wear it!

she’s 6.5 by the way.

lotus pond lazy day skirt // skirt as top

i did a little interview with her about the whole process…thought it’d be fun for her to read her answers someday.

* * *
What was the best part about sewing your skirt?
Sewing with the sewing machine!

Why did you like sewing with the sewing machine?
Because you get to move your hands a lot.

What was the trickiest part?
No tricky parts!

Do you like wearing your skirt?

Because it is pretty!

How does it make you feel that you made your skirt?
Happy!  Because it is really fun to wear.

What do you think about the fabric?
It has flowers on it.  I like it because it’s pretty!

Do you like telling people that you made it?
Yes!  And I am wearing it right now (as she puts skirt on).

What do you want to sew next?
(She writes “I will mak a dres. I had fun.” on a small chalkboard)

* * *
lotus pond lazy day skirt // skirt as top

she has worn the skirt quite a bit since we made it – including to a friend’s birthday party and free dress day at school.  the thought of her telling her teacher and friends that she made her own skirt makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

next we’ve gotta mak that dres!


8 thoughts on “sewing by E: a lazy days skirt

  1. Rae says:

    Aww that is so cute!! Clementine started sewing a skirt for herself, but then I had to finish it. She wears it though!! 🙂 E is adorable, what a cutie!

  2. rachel says:

    how special! i always feel like dana carvey as the church lady when i use the word special, but it’s just so true in this case! i really want to teach indigo to sew – theoretically. but my sewing time is so, so limited right now that i don’t want to use it teaching her to sew, you know? i have tried and it requires a lot of patience and is slow, slow, slow. but soon, i hope. maybe when hazel finally starts non-catnapping.

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