spider mittens

this little guy is now three years old, and no he hasn’t taken that hoodie off since halloween!

spider mittens

but now he has some mittens to go with it.

spider mittens

he grew out of one pair of mittens and another vanished from our house, as those things often do.  the weather here lately has been pretty frosty by northwest standards – we’re used to 40 degrees and rainy all winter, but it’s been in the teens and twenties and either really dry or even a bit snowy!  anyway, mittens and gloves are usually optional around here, but not lately.  lately they are mandatory.

spider mittens

i whipped these up for him as part of his birthday gifts.  the pattern is from Little Things to Sew (affiliate link), and i’d almost forgotten the book included a mitten pattern even though i just did a gift idea inspiration post from the book for Oliver + S!  silly me.  i’d actually sewn these once before but it was a couple years ago – they come together so quickly!  the part that took the longest was adding the webs to the palms – my husband’s idea when i asked what i could do to make them special and fun.  boy mittens/gloves at the store are super boring, have you noticed?  i tried to just buy some but they come in such boring solids and O was not thrilled about any of them.  and the girl ones were all so fancy and fun!  ugh.  typical.

so anyway, i drew the design with water soluble marker and just stitched them on with black thread, so now he can shoot webs like Spider Man!  he loves them!

spider mittens

the mittens are made of charcoal and white fleece in a size small, and i was going to make them double layered, but i was sewing late at night and sewed two right handed linings, so i gave up on that idea and just put the elastic casing at the wrist instead of the bias finish since i’d already committed to that.  they seem to stay on him just fine!

spider mittens

off to cozily shoot some more webs.  he thinks it’s pretty hilarious to pretend to spin people up in a web and then let us loose again.

spider mittens

LOOK OUT!  here comes the Spider Maaaaaaan.

18 thoughts on “spider mittens

  1. Meghan says:

    So cute! And it’s so true…I can’t find fun boy mittens or gloves anywhere. My little guy is also three and I could only find red mittens in his size….they don’t even match his coat, which bugs me not him ha! I think I might have to whip him up a pair of fun mittens! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Kelly says:

    Awwwww, happy birthday little O! What fun mittens, it’s awesome that he is full on Spidey all the time. And yes- I wasn’t expecting it to be so cold here! I have been scrambling to try and find our super cold winter stuff 🙂

  3. rachel says:

    it is the best to make something for your kids that they love to wear all the time. i love these mittens. the webbing was a great idea. (way to go mr. skirt-as-top!) 🙂 perfection, kristin.

  4. advergsdal@gmail.com says:

    Haha..this cracks me up..I just had a conversation with my five year old this morning telling him he could not wear the spiderman sweatshirt I made him for Halloween to school every single day…we (I) settled on once a week as reasonable. Cute mittens! I’m sure my son would be jealous.

  5. Kay says:

    I am so inspired by your creativity! So cute…and so functional. Your son must feel so special to have his one-of-a-kind spider mittens!

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