JOURNEY blog tour & giveaway (closed)

omigosh you guys, i’ve been bitten hard by the knitting bug, and it’s largely because of this book.

JOURNEY e-book

a few weeks ago, my friend Shannon asked me if i wanted to join the blog tour for JOURNEY, a beautiful new collection of knitting patterns that she co-wrote with her friend Jane.

i nearly spit out my coffee when i got Shannon’s email invitation to the tour.  i mean, did she really want ME, girl who has barely knit a thing in her life, to join a tour of legit knitting blogs?

apparently so!  and now i truly couldn’t be more grateful that she encouraged me to participate in this tour, because very shortly after that email came my birthday, and i took the opportunity to finally take that knitting class i’d been talking about for a long time.

swift hat :: JOURNEY

my journey into knitting has now begun.  like sewing, knitting has undergone a recent resurgence and i just fall in love whenever i see beautiful modern knitwear.  i wish i could just KNOW how to do it RIGHT NOW, how to knit these amazing things i see, but i’m learning to slow down and pick it up over time, building my knowledge skill by skill like i’ve done with sewing over the last four years.  while i first looked at a basic sewing pattern and saw gibberish, that’s how i feel now with knitting.  but i know someday i will get there.

someday, i will knit some Spate mitts for myself.  they look so cozy and warm and fun to wear, and they seem to be the least intimidating pattern for me to follow (meaning they take just one skein of yarn and are knit on not-so-tiny needles).  a couple more projects under my belt and i think i could tackle this one.

spate mittens :: JOURNEY

then, i would knit a Swift hat.  the lace design is gorgeous and interesting, and the project is still small enough in scope not to be super scary (important for me starting out!) but i know i would learn a lot from it.  i don’t really wear hats, so i would likely knit this for one of my sisters or a good friend (or maybe i’d just start wearing hats?  i feel like i might be a more selfish knitter than i am a selfish sewer).

swift hat :: JOURNEY

once i felt ready for a larger scale project, i would knit an Onward shawl.  this is no granny shawl – Shannon’s design is stunningly modern and a treat for the eyes.  i think it would be the perfect gift for my mom, or to throw over a fancy dress, or to run errands, or to snuggle up under next to a campfire on a chilly evening…

onward shawl :: JOURNEY

and then, i would tackle the Climb socks.  i’m totally intrigued by handknit socks.  people seem to swear by them, become obsessed with them, add them to their collection bit by bit.  the retro athletic styling of these is exactly up my alley – if i’m gonna knit me some socks someday, they’d be the Climbs.

climb socks :: JOURNEY

once i was feeling very brave, i would tackle either of the two beautiful sweater patterns in JOURNEY – the arrow-detailed pullover Antrorse

antrorose pullover :: JOURNEY

or the i’d-never-take-it-off Inland.  i am a constant cardigan-wearer, and if i could knit my own cardigans?!  watch out.  i think that would make me feel unstoppable.

inland cardigan :: JOURNEY

that is my hypothetical knitting journey through JOURNEY.  in the time i’ve had the e-book in my possession, i just keep opening it up and scrolling through the patterns, searching to see which i might have the confidence to try first, hoping i feel ready sooner rather than later, deciding which skills i need to get to where i want to be.

it’s an inspirational book by two inspirational ladies, and i’m glad that for now i have something to aspire to as i learn a new craft.

onward shawl :: JOURNEY

>   >  >   ::   <  <   <

the e-book can be purchased on Marian Rae Publications or on Ravelry.  a print version will also be available soon!  thanks so much for having me, Shannon and Jane!

and now, giveaway time!

do you knit?  do you want to learn how to knit?  do you know someone who knits?  then you need JOURNEY.  beautiful projects, stunning photography, it’s just so inspiring.

to enter to win a copy of the e-book, please leave a comment below telling me what crafty skill you are currently working to master – sewing a zipper?  baking a souffle?  screen printing?  knitting?  i want to know!  


> giveaway is open until Monday, December 9 at 8pm Pacific Time.  **GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED**
> winner will be selected randomly and notified via email.
> void where prohibited.


*i was provided with a copy of the JOURNEY e-book for free in exchange for this review.  
** all photos in this post were taken by Nicholas Kupiak and used with permission.

116 thoughts on “JOURNEY blog tour & giveaway (closed)

  1. Heidi says:

    I am currently working on quilting and everything involved with it… Patchwork, different kinds of paper piecing, free motion quilting. All ths after swearing I would never be interested in this kind of sewing, ha.

  2. AmyL says:

    my goal is to learn how to make button holes. sad that i can’t figure it out after reading so many tutorials. =( maybe this season I’ll figure it out! thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  3. Janine says:

    I am currently knitting a cardigan. I haven’t actually finished one yet and I will be adding a knit on buttonband which I am looking at tutorials for now. My revelry name is janineny2001. S

  4. Laura says:

    Now that I don’t have to visit my mom to get time with a sewing machine (not that I didn’t love sewing with my mom), I am trying to master fitting clothes. In my happy imagination, I have an entire wardrobe of beautiful clothes that make me look my best!

    Love all the patterns in this book!

  5. Jess says:

    I just started my first cross stitch project, so I’m working hard to perfect my stitch direction and tension. I’m also trying to improve my quilting skills. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. melissavink says:

    I am in love with this book!! I’m looking to master my knitting skills and crochet skills!! I’m also wanting to work on my sewing skills :-). LOVE crafting! Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful book!

  7. Lucy says:

    I’m a knitter, and I try to learn a new skill with everything I knit. I recently learned the herringbone stitch, and now I’m learning brioche knitting. Next up is two-color brioche knitting!

  8. Alison Bragg says:

    Even though I have been sewing for years, I feel like I’m still a beginner. Right now, I’m starting my first pieced quilt for my son. Wish me luck!

  9. Bridget says:

    I am a crazy obsessed knitter.. see revelry project page under batting for evidence.

    I love love love this book and seriously want to knit every single item in it.

    Right now I am working on becoming a better seamstress. I am learning as I go and making tons of mistakes but there is just something about seeing my son wearing pants I made or getting to wear a shirt I sewed up myself out in public that just fuels my fire!
    THanks for the chance to win!

  10. Kelly says:

    Omigosh I have been dying over this book, seriously so beautiful! I want to knit everything in it. I have been holding out for the print version but I realize the ebook would be perfect for our road trip! I think if you could knit hats like that you would start wearing hats 😉 We should start the mitts together, and if we get stuck we could go to the open knit nights for help!

  11. Joy says:

    I want to finish a sweater that I’ve started months ago. I just need sleeves! This book looks wonderful – thanks for introducing it!

  12. Jaime Hirst says:

    Right now I’m knitting hats like hotcakes and I have an il grande favorito (grasflecken) started. I would love for Santa to drop this book in my stocking, but her’s hoping to get one before. I truly hope to make everything in the book. Maybe Santa can bring me a yarn gift card 😉 Merry Christmas to you and your growing family!! -Jaime

  13. Clover says:

    I am just trying to figure out how to sew and have a job and take care of my kids. But ever since I have seen this book I am finally inspired to learn to knit. The photos and projects are stunning.

  14. Vonna says:

    I love to knit and sew….the problem always is, which one should I be working on at the moment? It usually means that I have at least 2 projects going at the same time.

  15. Brooke says:

    Oh I really really want to be able to knit that Antrorse. It’s almost motivation for me to pull out my knitting needles and begin again! I think winter is the perfect time to knit because we spend a lot of time at family gatherings and it’s easily portable for things like that. So maybe I will try to master knitting this winter!

  16. bordergirl says:

    I am tackling knitting socks – something that has intimidated me for years even though I am a confident knitter. Climb socks are calling to me. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Bordergirl on Ravelry

  17. Kristin H. says:

    I’ve been knitting for a couple of years now, and I just knit my first sweater this summer! It is a little too big, so next year I’d like to master knitting a sweater that actually fits properly. =) And I also want to start learning stranded colorwork/fair isle knitting. It’s so gorgeous!

    sewtechnicolor (at) yahoo (dot) com

  18. Sharon K says:

    I am wanting to learn how to knit, I have been eyeing these patterns since I seen them on her blog. First up would so have to be the mittens!

  19. Lucia says:

    I hope you enjoy your journey into knitting!! 🙂

    I knit and I’m currently making my first cardigan. I really like how every new pattern teaches me something new about knitting! I’ve never knitted socks and Climb pattern makes me want to try.

  20. Karin says:

    I started knitting when I was 12, last knit something 3 years ago (when my youngest was 6 months old) and just cast on again Thanksgiving weekend. I’m loving knitting again!

  21. Susan Terrill says:


    I started knitting when I was 8 years old and sewing for my dolls when I was about 10 years old. I did embroidery before that. I learned to smock when I was 36 and had a beautiful little girl to sew for. But I put all of it away when I went to work full time as an engineer and was trying to raise 4 children. Now I am getting back to both sewing children’s clothing and knitting. It is all so different and much more creative these days. Artists experiment and break some of the old rules to make such beautiful clothing. It is a very exciting time to create with fiber. Yarns and fabric are just so inspirational. I love it.

  22. Sherri says:

    My goal is to make pants that fit. I would love to win this book. I want to learn to knit. My mom knits me sweaters. I would love to knit my own.

  23. Carrie D. says:

    I’m currently sewing scarves as Christmas presents. Hope they’re good enough that people are actually excited to get them 🙂

  24. Laura says:

    Am dying to make the socks! I am currently working on learning color work in knitting, as well as an at-home version of letterpress 🙂

  25. SarahG says:

    I am the opposite of you! I have been knitting for a while and now am trying to get my head around sewing. It’s just not so easy to pick up when you have a couple of minutes.
    The book is beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. Jane says:

    As it is summer here is Australia I’m currently trying to improve my sewing skills – button holes are my next adventure! I have had to put aside my knitting needles as its far too warm to knit. But my yarn stash is at the ready, and come the first cold weather in April/May, I’ll be busting to get going on some new projects!!
    This book looks fabulous! I can’t go past those GORGEOUS fingerless gloves!

  27. Marjory W. says:

    I, too, am trying to apgrade my knitting skills. I make and sell upscale outfits to fit the American Girl dolls, and my mother made beautiful doll sweaters for me to sell along with matching skirts, etc. But she passed away at age 91 last year, and now I want to become a better knitter so that I can continue with the doll sweaters and also make other wonderful things.

  28. Jeni says:

    That is exactly why I haven’t tried to knit either! I don’t want to learn and make ugly stuff and mess up… I want to make that shawl NOW!

    I sound like a child. Haha.

    Anyway, I am finally going to tackle machine quilting. And if I win this eBook I will gift it to my girlfriend and beg her to make me something from it. 🙂

  29. Karen says:

    Hmmm, where do I start. Knitting, quilting, crochet. The list goes on! I think though I am going to learn to quilt first to make my little girl a quilt for her bed.

  30. girllikethesea says:

    Hopefully soon I’ll be working on screen printing. Until then you can find me somewhere between a pile of cardboard and my sewing machine. Also, Henley plackets. Gotta master those.

  31. Ashley says:

    I am a fairly competent knitter but I can’t sew to save my life! My goal for 2014 is to basically re-learn to sew and then dive into making clothing for myself.

  32. Sarah La Rose says:

    I am working on mastering sewing with knit fabric. I have two little ones and garments made from knit fabric are the most comfortable for them!

  33. Grace says:

    I have picked up and put down my spindle more times than I can count. I would love to redouble my efforts and start to spindle more seriously. If only there were more time!

  34. Margo says:

    I’m challenging myself to improve my knitting. I”m working on a sweater with pockets right now, and next I’d like to knit a fair isle vest!

  35. Susanne says:

    I’ve been slowly progressing as a knitter over the last couple of years. Currently trying to gather the courage to attempt a sweater! I’m thinking a baby sweater first. But I just added that cardigan to my Raverly favorites the other day. Swoon!

  36. Amber says:

    Wow these look amazing! I can knit and spin my own yarn which is pretty much the most addicting thing ever. Right is I’m in a serious quilt phase though. I’ve done it for a while, but I’m really wanting to perfect my work more and take on new challenges. Paper piecing I’m coming for you!

  37. Jo says:

    I’m learning to knit – just trying to get to grips with the sleeves on my first ever cardigan – I just jumped right in with something I actually wanted! I’ve been drooling over these patterns and would LOVE to win the e-book. And if not I’ll console myself with quilting, another new-to-me sewing thing that I’m trying to get to grips with. It’s surprisingly different from dressmaking (but all good!)

    Good luck with your knitting journey too!

  38. Jillian says:

    This is a gorgeous book! I got bit by the knit bug myself this winter and even renamed my blog as a result! I am still slowly mastering knitting and loving every minute. Would love to win this book 🙂

  39. Julie says:

    I’m trying to master freezer paper printing. It should be pretty basic, but my paint lines never end up being quite crisp enough. I’m looking forward to the design options this will open up in terms of sewing clothes for my nieces and nephews!

  40. Pleximama says:

    Strangely, my journey has been from knitting to sewing, rather than the other way around. My biggest stumbling block seems to be cutting out the fabric accurately.

  41. maureen says:

    When it comes to knitting I am trying to get the edging right. I have too many finished items where the edging flares and trust me that is not the look I am going for.

  42. miss agnes says:

    I would love to improve my crochet skills – all I know right now is to do a chain, but not much apart from that. But since I can knit, the Journey book would not be lost on me 😉 My favorites are Climb and Onward.

  43. Maureen Murphy says:

    Sewing my first slipcover without a pattern. It is a challenge, but has been so much fun. Need to get the skirt on it and finish the pillows. Crossing my fingers for the give a way. I am in love with the Antrorse pullover. Holy cute!!

  44. Heather Baylis says:

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway I love the entire collection in this book! I am knitting my first ever hat! It is Jane’s Renfrew hat from her first book “Island”… It’s almost finished and I love it! Would love to knit the new hat in this new book.

  45. bekah says:

    Awesome giveaway! THanks! I think I’m striving to complete all my projects (sewing/knitting, etc) that are on my list for Christmas gifts. I’m not sure if it’s ever happened, but here’s to hoping.

  46. Jeifner says:

    I’d love to be able to knit from a pattern. I knit but only to my own drum. I see such beautiful things in patterns and it’d be great to branch out and learn. Those mitten/gloves are great.

  47. Zenitude says:

    I knit (a lot) and enjoy knitting almost everyday. My new passion is for wet felting and nuno felting. I’ve learnt a lot in the past 6 mths but there is always more to learn!
    Rav: zenitude

  48. Sarah Higgins says:

    I feel like I will be forever working on knitting… there is so much to learn and master with this craft. I am only 2.5 years in.. 🙂

  49. Ileen says:

    I can put stitches in (knitting) but when there is a mistake I can’t seem to figure out how to correct it. I would love to master knitting mistakes instead of having to unravel my projects. Thanks for the giveaway

  50. Anne (aka Sandinmysocks on Ravelry) says:

    My goal is knitting 2 pair (yes Pair, 4 socks) at-a-time on one circular needle. The reason, to try to lessen the effects of knitting cotton socks on my hands. So far it is working =)

  51. Ana says:

    Great Question! I’m currently trying my hand at embroidery on felted knit squares. I’d like to give these as coasters for gifts! I would LOVE to win this book…it’s beautiful….

  52. Nancy says:

    I really want to knit a dress or sweater for my 18month old daughter before she gets to big to fit in to it. I’ve been wanting to move past scarves and dish cloths for a while now but I’m self taught and don’t know too many knitters near me for support/help if I get stuck. Just need to bite the bullet. This book looks amazing and such gorgeous projects inside:)

  53. wickedstitches says:

    I am also in love with this book, and I really hope to get my hands on one! I really want to knit Swift! Right now, I am trying to become a better knitter. For me, that means things like reading the entire pattern before casting on (yeah, still working on that one), gauge swatching and washing my gauge swatch and letting it dry completely before casting on…still working on that, too!
    Rav ID: hotcheese

  54. Kate says:

    Don’t know if this counts, but I am currently trying to “master” the renovation of a 1903 Singer treadle sewing machine. I learned to sew on a 1930’s black cast iron version and have never been able to adjust to the modern plastic machines!

  55. Carmen N says:

    I’m trying to learn to sew. I haven’t really tried since I was 11 or so and that was a miserable failure. I’m hoping with more experience and patience I can conquer it this time.

  56. Nerissa says:

    I am working on my sewing skills. Knitting is much more forgiving, trust me. Just slow and a touch plodding in comparison.

  57. Anna says:

    After several years of not sewing I pulled out my machine last week to start sewing again. Starting with a few simple things like bib and baby swaddle blankets

  58. Becky says:

    The antrorse sweater is perfect. I love it! And the hat. I haven’t done much knitting as of late, but this book could keep me busy!

  59. Jane says:

    I would so love to learn to knit…hmmm…crafty skill that I am working on, nothing new right now, but i do really want to start to try to learn how to knit again! thanks for the chance

  60. Addie Case says:

    I am trying to knit!! I love it so much and really want to master it!!! You are amazing!! Can I be u when I grow up??

  61. Neressa says:

    Happy to leave the knitting to my sister! She’s amazing at it. I’m working on ‘perfect’ points on my triangles for quilts…the actually finishing them! What a gorgeous book!

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