tutu for a two year old

just as divided baskets are my go to gift for baby showers and new babies, dress up clothes are my go to for two/three/four year olds.  i love giving personalized superhero capes (my simple tutorial is here), especially to boys.  but tutus for little gals are so sweet and fun, and for new 2 year old K, daughter of longtime family friends and daycare buddy of my son, i felt that one was really necessary.

pink and gold tutu

i love this tutu pattern – easy and painless to sew, and it feels so elegant.  it’s from the book Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson (affiliate link) and if it looks slightly familiar, it’s because i used the same pattern for Em’s Angelina Ballerina halloween costume a couple years back!  Em and her friends still wear it as dress up, which is the beauty of this tutu – it ties in the back and is highly adjustable as the child grows!  i like to make it a little on the long side so it lasts.

pink and gold tutu

i took Em shopping with me at Fabric Depot to pick out the colors of tulle and ribbon – i nudged her away from a few super bright/clashy colors, but in the end these colors are pretty much all her choices and i love it!  the fun part of this pattern is picking out the layers of color.  we started with a deep magenta, then a couple lighter pinks, ending in a pretty gold color.  i think it looks a bit like a sunset.

pink and gold tutu

the ribbon is satin but the less-expensive stuff – i should’ve upgraded to a double sided satin, but didn’t think about it until i was back home sewing.  you see both sides of the ribbon, just be aware of that.  they both need to be pretty.

pink and gold tutu

the color is bright and fun and K had her mama help put the tutu on right after she opened the gift, so I hope that was a good sign that it’ll be in solid dress up rotation for a few years to come.  🙂


21 thoughts on “tutu for a two year old

  1. Jams says:

    These colors are perfection!

    I made this skirt for a friend’s daughter and my own. Maybe it’s my kid, but she wants to do everything herself…..everything, so the tie impedes that a bit.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Very nice! I’ve made many of these for gifts and though the double-sided satin looks a little nicer, it doesn’t tie as well. You need the friction of the non-satin side.

  3. girllikethesea says:

    the layers of colors look great together! good choices, Em. So, craft confession…..I got tulle and ribbon to replace the girls’ raggedy tutus last christmas and still haven’t gotten them done. boo, me

  4. Lightning McStitch says:

    You’ve got me thinking this should really be on the Christmas list for my daughter, right?!
    Gorgeous tutu and good on you relinquishing control on the fabric choosing, I don’t know if I could be so generous.

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