homemade halloween 2011: angelina ballerina

angelina ballerina

for halloween this year, my ballet-loving 3.5 year old is angelina ballerina (a ballet-dancing mouse, of course). i had a lot of fun making or adapting her existing ballet stuff, and she was very excited to wear the full costume. ready for the rundown?


i covered a headband with white fleece, fashioned ears out of white fleece and pink felt, and attached a big pink satin-y bow. my hot glue gun became my best friend with these!


she has legwarmers on as armwarmers, is wearing her regular ballet leotard, and her little things to sew tutu with felt rose clipped on (here are the details on the tutu and rose). because of the fact that it ties in the back, it’s the perfect tutu design for her…


her mouse tail is made out of the same white microfleece, which i stuffed with polyfill and then threaded in a length of floral wire (like you use to make the ubiquitous paper pom poms) so it holds its shape. i just safety-pinned it to her leotard, which is hidden by the bow.


i found her some new pink ballet flats at the gap for $5 on a lucky break (her old ones were super worn out and getting too small). i hot glued lengths of satin ribbon into each for a toe shoe effect, though the ribbons don’t stay up very well. might have to just tie them around her ankles for trick-or-treating.

i put a little cream blush on her nose for these photos because i hadn’t picked up any face paint yet, but that’s been remedied for tomorrow. she has informed me that angelina doesn’t have whiskers, though, so no whiskers.

and now, the reason i have to break the kids’ costumes into two blog posts – the sheer number of photos of my sweet little dancing mouse.

oh yeah, one more thing. at ballet, the girls get to pick a color of scarf to dance around with for a certain portion of the class. Em ALWAYS picks pink, but on saturday she picked the green one! i thought maybe her pink obession might finally be coming to an end, but then…it was time to decorate her pumpkin. wanna take a guess what happened?

yep, a pink pumpkin. 🙂

come back tomorrow for little winnie the pooh plus a pretty darn cute photo of the two of them together! happy all hallow’s eve eve!


15 thoughts on “homemade halloween 2011: angelina ballerina

  1. anna says:

    gorgeous photos, love her costume, my girls would be jealous! and those painted pumpkins turned out awesome, I’ll have to try that next year!

  2. kim says:

    Wow, it turned out awesome and it’s absolutely perfect for her. I am in love with that tail; the profile shots just crack me up! Gotta say that I like the paint shirt, too. 😉

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