homemade halloween 2011: winnie the pooh

happy halloween!

i don’t know if i’ve written too much here about the personality of my little guy. we got pretty lucky. he is mellow, almost always happy, rarely cries, and even his “stranger anxiety” consists of simply suspiciously eyeing the stranger, larry david style (versus his sister, who would burst into tears at even the most loving of great aunts). when i read him books, he laughs. he claps when i sing him songs. he’s a joy, and just slightly dopey at times (he usually has a red mark on his forehead from bumping into things). put simply, he’s a tubby little cub all stuffed with fluff.

we were brainstorming his costume this year and throwing out much “cooler” ideas but then thought of winnie the pooh, and it had to be. he’s sweet, he’s got a little belly, he’s winnie the pooh!

you’ve already seen his sailboat pants. i actually made them expecting this to be his costume. the project i tried to get to but never completed for KCWC was his hood, in matching honey-colored corduroy (it’s the oliver + s cozy winter hood from “little things to sew,” lined with joel dewberry woodgrain just like the pants). instead of ribbon, i made a thicker strap of corduroy and attached it with a button.

his undershirt is from old navy, but i couldn’t find a plain short sleeved red shirt, so i decided to make one. it’s the raw-edged raglan from “sewing for boys,” but nothing is raw edged! i sewed it right sides together at the shoulder seams and used a XXL men’s t-shirt (again from old navy, actually about half the price of his undershirt), so i could utilize the finished sleeves and hem. i also double folded the neck binding…so yeah…nothing is raw! also, the pattern starts at 2T, so i shortened the length and sleeves before cutting.

on a last-minute whim, i also made him some coordinating shoes. they’re the cameron baby sneakers from i think sew. i actually had a little trouble with them, but i’m not sure if it’s because i was sewing late at night at the end of lots of projects, or because i decided to use suede from a long-ago thrifted jacket for the soles, but they turned out pretty cute in the end.

since he’s not walking yet, here’s a better view of the shoes. they’re also lined with woodgrain, of course.

and now, winnie and angelina together! i think the fact that he is a pleasant baby really helped ease the transition from one kid to two. his big sister adores him. huge sigh of relief!

she totally did that on her own. i love these kids!

have a happy halloween, and have fun taking candy “fees,” all you parents! 😉


11 thoughts on “homemade halloween 2011: winnie the pooh

  1. jessica says:

    oh my gosh that picture! Such sweet kids and uber-sweet costumes. I love all the details. This kind of makes me feel bad that my poor second child is getting a store-bought costume this year. She’ll probably be talking to a therapist about it in a few years 🙂

  2. gail says:

    cutest little pooh i’ve ever seen! the matching shoes are pretty much over-the-top adorable, as is that sibling shot. you’re giving me a sweet tooth already!! 🙂

  3. Trinh says:

    awww, aren’t siblings great? i love both costumes.. my b was like that as a baby: mellow, sweet, easygoing. and now she is a terror as a toddler:). have a fun halloween.

  4. Erin says:

    it’s official. I’m obsessed with your blog! I’m laughing because the way you described your daughter and son (her- crying at the sight of loving relatives, and him being just a mellow cool-as-a-cuke boy who is a little dopey…)- I couldn’t have picked a better way to describe my own 3 1/2 yr old girl and 1 year old boy! Great costumes- you put in a whole lotta effort and it shows!! 🙂 Erin

  5. Inder says:

    Oh, my gosh, even more Dewberry wood grain!!? I love that stuff so much!

    The costume is absolutely adorable. Pooh Bear! Yes! And all of the components of the costume are cute and practical for wearing all winter long. Very sensible.

  6. lecsmiscellany says:

    Oh my goodness, adorable!!! Both of them!! Winnie the Pooh was absolutely too cute for words. I showed your post to my 3 yr old and she thought your Angelina was just perfect. She actually said, “I wish I had a bow like that. And a flower (in her tutu). And a tail.” they both looked amazing, and you did a great job 🙂

  7. Vanessa@DesignsbySessa says:

    I agree with Kim! The suede is tough. When I made some moccasins for Cai for KCWC I broke 2 of my thick needles. I realized how slow I had to sew with them being so thick! 🙂 Great job though…those are truly adorable!

  8. Rosalind says:

    You did a great job on their costumes – very cute!! Glad we don’t do Halloween here but I’d gladly do Thanksgiving…. maybe not so close to Christmas 🙂 Maybe in July so we can have a hot meal!!

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