teeny tiny mini pierrot

anyone else having a little bit of lingering inspiration overload after KCWC?  now that i can get back to non-halloween sewing, i find i have too many ideas in my head.  i don’t know where to start!  i never seem to have a lack of projects, but sometimes when i have too many, i get a bit blocked.  usually a trip to the fabric store for the perfect fabric will push a project up to the top of my mental “must make” pile, but sometimes it just takes a ridiculously short deadline.  this is a case of the latter.  😉

my cousin therese, who didn’t find out what she was having ahead of time (prompting me to make this gender neutral baby shower gift), gave birth to a beautiful baby girl a couple weeks ago.  baby E is a sweet little thing, and so teensy!  since they didn’t know they were having a girl, i wanted to make a girly dress, even though dresses aren’t super practical for tiny babies.  WHATEVER!  i got some ruffle butt leggings to go under it.  that makes it practical, right?  i think it’ll fit her next spring.

since pierrots can be sewn in a couple hours start to finish, i made this in the evening while texting therese to see if they were up for a visit the next morning.  as plans were firmed up, i continued to sew!

the pattern is made by rae’s pierrot tunic (which fits more as a dress for the little sizes), 0-3 month size.  the fabric is hide and seek by kayo horaguchi (with kona cotton neckline facing).  i wanted Em to show how tiny this dress was in comparison to her wearing one of her two 3T pierrot tops, but instead she insisted on wearing her “zebra dress.”  she wanted the dress with the matching fabric!

the selvage side i used for the tiny pierrot is a slightly different print than the one i used for her popover dress, but they match well enough for her!

i’ll end with the picture my little artist wanted to draw for the baby.  she tells me it’s a horse.  she’s going through a color-blocking period.  🙂

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