queen of hearts sunday brunch jacket

in general, i tend to fabric shop without my kids.  i can browse better that way, pick what catches my eye, and take my time.  but the other weekend, my favorite fabric store happened to be having their annual big sale, and i seized the opportunity to bring Em along with me after her ballet class.  it’s pretty fun to include her in the decision-making process on fabrics every once in a while – she is very opinionated and gravitates towards prints i wouldn’t normally pick on my own.  i tend towards simpler prints, but she does not!  in the case of this, i steered her toward a rack of anna maria horner velveteens (they were 50% off!), and this was her pick.

it’s the queen of hearts from her innocent crush line.  i mean, you can’t really go wrong with AMH, right?  it turned out to be a really interesting fabric choice to amp up this little jacket.  i was careful to center the print on every pattern piece, so it took a while.

the facings and yokes are bound with a gold polka dot.  i figured we can always use a bit of a pick me up in the fall and winter, and surprise gold binding is just the thing.  i “cheated” and serged the armhole hems, though.

here’s the front.  she was being a bit of a silly model, and daylight savings time is doing me no favors for photoshoots, so this is the best i got.

i’d been crushing on a few versions of the oliver + s sunday brunch jacket for a while now out there on the internet (namely this one and this one, both much more understated than mine ended up!), so i’m glad i finally got to make it.  such a sweet little jacket.  it was my first time sewing a collar and facings – always good to pick up a couple new techniques!  i made the 2T which matched her measurements the best, but it fits her just right.  she ‘s a fan of it though, and has worn it every day since i finished it on sunday even though she hasn’t been wanting to wear jackets or sweaters lately (she takes them off as soon as we get somewhere), so that’s promising for it getting some use before she grows out of it.

i’ve been really enjoying collaborating with my little gal these days – it’s pretty cute to see her proud of something i’ve made, since she has a hand in designing it.  and if i’m putting in the hours to make it, i want it to be WORN!  🙂

28 thoughts on “queen of hearts sunday brunch jacket

  1. Tara Faul says:

    this is really darling. you did a great job! the jacket looks very classy and sophisticated. I can only imagine the fabrics this understated mama is going to be using once Clover is old enough to choose a print……

  2. gail says:

    she is such a little doll, and her fabric selection is perfectly lovely! i love how you centered the print and the pop of color inside. it’s a beautiful little fall jacket!

    • kristin says:

      thanks – she does have good taste, it’s fun seeing what she picks out. yep, she’s wearing skinny jeans. they fit her the best since she’s such a twiggy little thing! 😉

  3. Elise says:

    Wow – I love everything about that little jacket! Your daughter did a great job picking the fabric and you did a great job making it into something beautiful. Love your daughter’s skinnies, too 🙂 Wish we had a fabric store around here that carried AMH’s fabric, and had velveteens for 1/2 off! I’ve been eyeing those fabrics for a long time!

    • kristin says:

      thanks, elise! i know, i’m pretty darn lucky with that fabric store – couldn’t believe how many great prints they had when i first went there. so many things i only see online!

  4. danielle says:

    Oh I just love how nicely centered the pattern is and the peek of gold. Did I ever tell you my sister lives in Portland? I visited her a few months ago and we went to Bolt, and I kept thinking how fun it would be to run into…although I am not sure I would have recognized you if I did;) Anyway…I totally got a bunch of shot cotton while I was there and smile every time I see you use it.

  5. Laura says:

    Your sewing is very inspired. I love that each piece seems so meaningful and with made with thoughtful purpose. I’m crushing on this jacket as I eagerly await the next AMH velveteens.

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