striped divided basket

one trick pony over here.  someone’s got a baby comin’?  time to make another divided basket!

striped divided basket

this one was for my sister-in-law’s baby, her fourth boy!  a family friend was so thoughtful as to throw a baby shower for her, which i love – fourth babies need new special stuff of their own too, ya know?

striped divided basket

i sewed this basket up before the shower, which was held when my SIL was around 36.5 weeks pregnant.  just four days later, little W made his grand appearance!

striped divided basket

mmmmm baby toes.

anyway…i got the 2am call to come stay with the sleeping older three boys while husband and laboring wife headed to the hospital, a dream come true for me – i love the excitement of labor, even if i’m just back at the house trying to sleep but having too much fun getting 4am text messages.  🙂

striped divided basket

i made this basket to coordinate with little W’s nursery, which has a slightly nautical feel – it’s blue and white with red accents and some natural wood too.  i chose striped ikea canvas with a robert kaufman red canvas binding on the outer pocket, and natural linen handles.  the inside is denyse schmidt for joann.

striped divided basket

here are a few shots of little W’s nursery.  i think my SIL decorated it so nicely – it’s a really peaceful room to be in and gets beautiful light, too!

striped divided basket

striped divided basket

you’d relax there if you were a little one, wouldn’t ya?  i like the idea of the daybed in the nursery for those inevitable rough nights.

striped divided basket

have you made a divided basket yet?  if not, you should!  such an enjoyable sew, so fast, and so fun to personalize, stuff with goodies, and give as a gift.  i’ve now made three to give away (the other two are here and here), and i love making them every time.

oh and nope – still haven’t made one to keep yet!

17 thoughts on “striped divided basket

  1. Jenny says:

    I love this basket, and it goes so nicely in his room! I think everything about it is just perfect. I have this pattern but haven’t used it yet, argh.

  2. delia says:

    Beautiful space and beautiful basket! Congrats on being an aunt the fourth time over! I have nieces and nephews on my husband’s side but my brother hasn’t had children yet. I kind of can’t wait! 🙂

  3. girllikethesea says:

    These are great! And they aren’t babyish so she can use them for whatever she wants when the baby is older. I love the nautical feel of your fabrics.

  4. lucinda says:

    love the nursery shots, and the basket you made fits in so perfectly! I’m a fan of classic blue and white together, and the red ties it all together nicely. What a thoughtful gift – I’m sure it was very much appreciated! (as was the 2 am babysitting:)

  5. Jess says:

    great theme for the nursery-it is gorgeous and full of light! Love the basket, too! the fabrics fit right in with the room. And yes, I need to make one! I even have the pattern! just haven’t been to a shower in awhile, I guess. 😉

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