raindrop divided basket

my cousin is having a baby girl, and we had a sweet little family baby shower recently.  i suspected she’d be the type of gal i am – not afraid of a little pink, but wanting it to be balanced out by other colors, not too prissy.  and my friend Anna had recently sent me her new divided basket pattern, which i was excited to try out at the first opportunity.  this was the result:

divided basket in raindrops

i loooooove this pattern!  it looks way more complicated than it actually is.  when i first saw it, i thought it must have all sorts of crazy stuff in there to make it hold its shape, that it might take forever to sew, etc., but Gail assured me that was not the case.  she’s right – it’s totally simple and quick (check out the two she made).

my main fabric is droplets in ivory by tula pink (hushabye collection).  it’s been in my stash since 2009; i’d always planned pajama pants for Em but I love it as a basket, and figured it’d go with a lot of room decor possibilities.  the pink binding and handles are batiste, and the lining is denyse schmidt for joann.

divided basket in raindrops

the divider sews in with a method i’d never used before, and would never have figured out on my own, but it was easy.  and man it’s a cute and practical little basket when it’s done.

divided basket in raindrops

yeah so i basically finished this and wanted to make another one immediately (though i haven’t had time yet).  i just keep looking around my house noticing where a divided basket (in different fabrics) might nestle in and manage all the loose STUFF we have.

and for a baby gift, it’s perfect – diapers, some lap pads, some washcloths, some disposable pads for the diaper bag…all fit in quite nicely.

divided basket in raindrops

i like going part-homemade, part store bought.  less pressure.

divided basket in raindrops

and there ya have it – everyone should make a divided basket (or five)!

happy Easter, all!  i didn’t make Em a new dress because she has millions.  i might still make a little bow tie or something for O but we’ll see.  if i do, i’ll be sure to show you.  😉

19 thoughts on “raindrop divided basket

  1. gail says:

    oh it’s really lovely! every time i see one of these made up i want to make 10 more. it’s such a fantastic pattern. and thanks for the linkage! 🙂

  2. girllikethesea says:

    this is so cute! I’ve really been wanting to sew up some baskets lately (nesting? Tim says I’m nesting. lol) for various purposes. Dress up stuff. Wooden blocks. Art things. I was considering trying to take on the dress up basket in Sew Liberated.

  3. erin says:

    love your version- so about how long would you say this took you? these days i have to prioritize my sewing projects in hour-long evening chunks! wondering if this would be a 3-nighter?

  4. Jessica says:

    I love your sweet fabrics, perf baby shower gift. I can’t wait to make one now! Maybe I’ll put them all over the house and embroider “shit” on them in different pretty letterings.

  5. carolyn says:

    I just bought my fabric yesterday to make one of these…I’m excited to hear that it goes together so easily (although I would expect nothing less than awesomeness from Anna 🙂 )

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