wool greenpoint cardigan

one of the best (and hardest) things about sewing is being able to make all this stuff that i used to buy.  and once i know how to make it, i CAN’T buy it anymore.  take cardigans for instance.  once Adrianna (of Crafterhours and Hey June Handmade fame) sent me her Greenpoint Cardigan to try out, and i found out how easy it is to make, i’ll likely never buy a cardigan again (except maybe in dire circumstances)!

wool greenpoint cardigan

for my first try at this adorable little pattern, i sewed it up with a couple of old felted wool sweaters and an old scarf.  it’s got a bunch of cashmere in it and is soooo soft for Em to wear.  i was very inspired by this Mini Boden sweater.

wool greenpoint cardigan

the wool worked, though i added a bit too much interfacing in the maroon band and it didn’t stretch as much as it needed to.  i actually made this a couple months ago (again) but just remembered i needed to post it when Em recently chose it to wear layered over one of her crazy outfits she’s pulling together these days.

wool greenpoint cardigan

i made it in a size 4, which is a bit too big for her.  but as a ballet coverup, the grandpa cardigan look works great.

wool greenpoint cardigan

she loves buttoning things.

wool greenpoint cardigan

and dancing.  always dancing.

check out the Hey June Pattern Shop to grab your copy of the Greenpoint Cardigan pattern, and add something new to your “make not buy” list!  😉

oh and you’re gonna wanna come back tomorrow for a SUPER fun project i worked on!  it involves me sending a couple outfits to Utah and receiving a couple amazing ones in return!!  for now, you can read more here.

25 thoughts on “wool greenpoint cardigan

  1. Jane says:

    You know I’ve been thinking about why I sew kid clothes a lot lately…and really it’s b/c I can…once you realize it’s not that hard it’s hard not to do it! right?! Now, of course, I am wanting to go buy that pattern…b/c i too have been eyeing up that mini boden sweater…i love their cardigans! And, don’t you love the crazy outfits?! V changes her outfits several times a day, sometimes with dress up clothes, sometimes with clothes from her own closet 🙂 Great sweater!

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh my word! This is so great – the fabrics look so, so cozy. I’m going to go check out this pattern! You can really never have enough cardigans for the bambinas. 🙂

  3. Cherie says:

    OoOoh!! LOVE the sweater cardigan! I would totally wear that myself, it looks so warm and comfy (and oversized rocks)! And oh my goodness, the dancing poses – it’s too much!!

  4. Ash P says:

    Cute sweater! I know what you mean about not buying stuff once you know you can make it. I find that now with baby #2, I really don’t want to buy anything that I know I can make myself.

  5. kim says:

    LOVE it, all of it. Em is such a natural dancer and your pictures of her poses and moves are so wonderful. And then of course this cardie is fantastic, although it reminded me that my hunt for the perfect cardigan (for myself) continues. My E has had some very definite opinions about what she wears lately, too. Can you believe it– we’re in the dress stage!! It shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. She likes to layer up all her favorite pieces; today she wore pink cords, a plaid skirt, a long orange sundress, and a long-sleeved purple t-shirt. Just like her mommy… or not. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

    • kristin says:

      thanks, kim!! i’ve been thinking i want to try to make myself one, too. i love a good cardigan. DRESS STAGE!! oh man we need to get together soon.

  6. Adrianna says:

    Oh my goodness, she is a tiny dancer! I can’t believe how little she is. P’s sz. 4 is getting a little tight (made with no-stretch sweatshirt fleece, so that’s not helping, but still). That pose with her perfectly placed toes is killing me.

    • kristin says:

      yeah she’s a tiny little peanut. like was below the charts in weight for a while, though i think we’ve gotten her back on there now. loooots of whole milk.

      thanks for making such a great pattern!!

  7. Jess says:

    ahmazing. Love her little poses too, she and Sadie would be two peas in a pod. 😀 Is it our turn for pen pal letter? I can’t remember. Sadie has a whole stack of drawings ready, I just need to send em. And wow that kid swap sounds fun! I want in next round! 🙂

    • kristin says:

      ohhh i think it’s our turn!!! i’ll get her on that. 5 more rainbows, coming your way! 😉

      robin is talking about doing it again in the fall! i passed your name along.

  8. girllikethesea says:

    gah! this is so adorable! especially with her ballerina outfit. omg, those little ballet feet….too precious. thanks for adding another pattern to the list of things I think I need

  9. Max California says:

    This is so lovely, I keep seeing cardigans similar around on Pinterest, and it’s definitely on my TO MAKE list! I absolutely love Em’s little dancing poses, she always seems so graceful!

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