edelweiss dress in woodland fauna

you know how sometimes a pattern comes along that makes you smile because it’s so dang adorable? that’s how i feel about the Edelweiss Dress. as i was sewing it, it just made me happy. maybe it’s my German roots or something, but i couldn’t wait to see it on Em.

fauna edelweiss dress

and then, when she woke up the next morning, she went right over to it. she actually asked if she could wear it that same day! i usually hang new creations somewhere visible once i’ve sewn them (to remind me to get photos), but i don’t remember the last time she has been so antsy to wear something freshly sewn like that, especially something without a bunch of pink and/or rainbows on it! it does have woodland creatures, though…

fauna edelweiss dress

the fabric is from the “woodland tails” line by sheri berry for riley blake (you can buy it here). i got mine at mill end and had planned to make pajamas with it, but it’s quite “German” and suited to the Edelweiss, don’t you think? the ice blue straps are kona cotton, left over from mini kingsley zissou.

fauna edelweiss dress

i sewed a 3T with a 4T skirt. it ended up a little shorter than i typically sew, but i love the length with this particular design. the proportion is perfect.

fauna edelweiss dress

if mine looks a bit different in the bodice than others, it’s because sometimes i follow directions even when they don’t seem quite right – turns out a silly little dot got moved during the pattern-revision process and my front straps ended up a bit closer together than they’re supposed to be, but never fear, it’s been fixed! she fixed the glitch.

fauna edelweiss dress

the back, i adore. it’s just to die for – and like Tara, i’m powerless to its cuteness. i had to go with heidi braids just to complete the effect (gotta, right??).

i really like Adrianna and her Hey June patterns – they’re great designs with just the right amount of “interestingness” to them – I’ve also sewn the Greenpoint Cardigan (here) and the Narita Dress, but haven’t blogged the Narita yet because i tested it in the dead of winter and it’s a spring/summery design. i should do that, though! it’s clearly summer!

fauna edelweiss dress

the dress comes with a tunic option, a pieced bodice option, and even instructions on how to piece the center front on a diagonal if you want to make something like Jess’s adorableness. this dress makes Em happy too, as you can see. i already want to make another Edelweiss – so many ways to play with fabric on this one!

fauna edelweiss dress

be sure to follow along at Crafterhours to catch the rest of the Edelweiss Dresses on tour. my partner today is the awesome and hilarious Jennifer from Parrish Platz. Jennifer and her girls actually LIVE in Bavaria, so she’s ΓΌber legit. i love her spin on it!

fauna edelweiss dress

and if you just can’t resist it any longer, get your copy of the Edelweiss pattern right here!



37 thoughts on “edelweiss dress in woodland fauna

  1. dandeliondrift says:

    Cute! I’m loving all of this inspiration! I’m going to cut into my pattern this weekend! And I love the braids!

  2. Ana Sofia says:

    This is such an adorable dress pattern!
    My favorite part are the sweet ruffle straps – too precious!
    Love your fabric choices as well – so European πŸ™‚

  3. jennifer says:

    Thanks Kristen for the shout out! I was nervous about posting on time and trying to give the proper props (I had not really done a blog tour before) and forgot to mention I had a co-poster (is that a word?). I knew I’d forget something big!! I LOVE your version. LOVE it. That is one of my all time favorite fabrics and I’ve been saving it. It’s sooo cute and yes, a little Bavarian! I love the braids too. Perfection.

  4. rachel says:

    i think i have some fabric sitting on my sewing table from that same line! except it’s green with skunks and bears. i got it from etsy and can’t remember the name, but it has those same beaded circles around the animals.
    it’s a sweet little dress!

  5. girllikethesea says:

    I love how yours turned out! The blue kona seems like it goes with other things easily. And I’m a total sucker for woodland. Now that you say it, I totally followed the directions for the strap placement carefully by the dots and thought they were more centered than I expected. Lol. But it worked for me because of clovers narrow shoulders, so no problem here!

  6. Jess says:

    Ohmygersh….her heidi braids! love! And you know how much I love this dress-the fabric is perfection! She looks so adorable in it. The perfect summer frock!

  7. Charity says:

    This is the cutest that I’ve seen so far! Love your fabric choice… and I actually like the straps a little closer together like this. It’s darling!

  8. Adrianna says:

    I’ve seriously been dreaming about what print/solid combo I could do since you sent me these pics – I love it so much! And now Stef made one with a solid band at the bottom and the wheels are churning again! You guys are killing me. Anyway, just realized I never left a comment here about how appreciative I am, so I just wanted to say, again, Thank You!!!

    • kristin says:

      Oh thank YOU for providing such an inspiring pattern to work with, girl! Love Stef’s too, and I even have that gray dot. Since Em is such a big fan of this one, I’m sure she’d have no trouble with me making a second Edelweiss for her. πŸ™‚

  9. carolyn says:

    Man, I love the back on this dress!
    And isn’t it the best when your kid actually wants to wear what you’ve made?! It’s like a Christmas miracle πŸ™‚

  10. Sabra says:

    The back is totally my favorite element of this dress’ design, too! Your version, with the fabric choices you made, is adorable! And I LOVE Em’s hair. love.

  11. Bekah says:

    Wow, that is such a cute dress, and the fabric is perfect for it! I love the braids too, I wish my 3 year old would sit still long enough to let me do those! I am new to this whole blogging thing, I just started, http://bugbeanmama.blogspot.com/ and I do it mostly to have a place to share my sewing projects! I also leave the things I’ve just sewn hanging out visibly to remind me to photograph them… and maybe also because it’s another way to enjoy them after all that hard work! I am new(er) to your blog and I enjoy reading it a lot, you’ve made so many beautiful things, I love your taste in fabric too!

  12. franzif says:

    Well done! I don’t think it looks German. If there’s that German style. Also Bavaria is only a small part of Germany. Greetings from northern Germany which is so NOT Bavarian. πŸ™‚

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