the obligatory “how to follow me” post

i thought it wouldn’t actually happen – i thought there’d be such an outcry that google would decide to keep google reader around and figure out some way to make us pay for it, maybe…but no. doesn’t seem to be happening. google reader is going away july 1. sooooooooo it’s time for me to write this post, the “how to follow me now that google reader is going away” post.

or hey, if now you just click around to your favorite bookmarked blogs, checking to see if they happen to have a new post up, here’s your chance to try out a subscription service instead! theoretically it saves you time, since new posts just pop into your “feed” or inbox when they’re published, but in reality i find i just subscribe to MORE blogs when i have a convenient way to read them. haha.

anyway, here’s how to follow me…click on any of the big text buttons to link to them directly, or read my little spiel below each and follow the (same) link…you can also try multiple services and figure out your favorite…they’re all free.

:: bloglovin’ seems to be the preferred service of the crafty/diy/sewing blog community – it’s pretty, and easy to find new related blogs. follow skirt as top here. bloglovin’ has a “import your feeds from google reader” tool that makes it easy, so do that now! ::

:: feedly seems to be what the techy folks are using (my husband follows a lot of tech blogs). it’s pretty close to google reader, and they seem to be tinkering with it quite a bit to make it better. feedly also has a handy “how to import your feeds from google reader” tool, so do that now before google reader is gone! follow skirt as top here. ::

:: if you’re on Facebook a good amount of the day anyway, liking blogs there is a good way to be notified of new posts. i always put up links to my new posts, plus i sometimes post film petit previews, favorite links from other blogs, sales and giveaway notifications, all sorts of stuff. like skirt as top here. ::

:: if you don’t follow very many blogs and prefer you just get an email when someone publishes a new post, you can do that here. there’s also a widget on my sidebar to follow through wordpress (under my sponsor/affiliate buttons). ::

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side note: my main mode of blog-reading is actually on my iPhone through the Reeder App. rumor has it Reeder will start supporting feedly and other RSS subscription services soon, so i’m waiting not-so-patiently for that. i like Reeder way better than the feedly app, though. the bloglovin app isn’t bad.

thanks so much for following along!

have a nice day.

11 thoughts on “the obligatory “how to follow me” post

  1. carolina says:

    this is hilarious. I follow you via feedly, via bloglovin, via email (my favorite). FB. So sometimes I read your post more than once.

  2. Andrea says:

    My next question is: How do I use your Amazon button? I clicked it once when I wanted to order some things, but the affiliation seemed to disappear after a few clicks. Feel free to email me privately. I don’t know if this is a “problem of the masses” or not. Thanks!

  3. rachel says:

    i was so hoping google would keep google reader, too! i even waited until only recently to change- to Old Reader. I couldn’t figure out Feedly and I hadn’t heard of Bloglovin’ (kind of a cheesy name though, right?). Old Reader seems almost exactly like Google Reader and I have already started following you there! 😀

  4. girllikethesea says:

    wtf, google!! I switched over to bloglovin a while ago just so I could get reader out of my system before it was forcibly taken away. some of my subscriptions didn’t follow over either so it was fun figuring out what I was suddenly not getting. I shake my fist at google.

  5. Kelly says:

    I’m with you on Bloglovin, and I like it all right on my computer…but the app on my iPhone, ugh. It can be pretty messed up, I may have to check out Reeder.

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